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Found 5 results

  1. IceyLava108


    Version 2.0


    This is the second of my levelsets. In the winter of 2016 it was revamped to improve overall level quality and become much more pleasing to play. If you wish to play the original version, it can be found under the oldest version below. It may have some unresolved issues! The new version contains 80 levels, many of which are minor and major edits to existing levels, but also some replacements for levels deemed unworthy for my liking. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.2


    Hey everyone! To celebrate the release of my second "official ZK" set, I am releasing a short package of ten remade levels from ZK2 - the first ten! Enjoy these new remade levels that keep the old idea found in the original but are remade into new levels! Zane 1/21/2014
  3. IceyLava108


    Hey everyone, ZK2 has been released after four months of ideas and brainstorming! It contains 80 quality levels and goes from easy to difficult with intense and fast paced levels along the way. Have fun everyone and leave some feedback here Direct download link: http://cczone.invisi...wnload/195-zk2/ [i may or may not upload ZK2 to pg's site, depending on the amount of problems (if any) that are found. Thanks!]
  4. So it has been decided that I shall start my own ZK2-based hurt and heal topic, suggested by a whopping two people. Anyways, I feel like not being like everyone else.. How to Play This game is all about destroying levels you oppose as to keeping the favored ones alive. To post, follow these simple rules: Repairing: Add 250 points to the level you wish to repair. You may only repair one level per post. Damaging: Remove 500 points to the level you wish to damage. You may only damage one level per post. Splitting: If you eliminate a level with only 250 points remaining, use the other 250 damage points on a different level. Elimination: Be careful - when a level reaches 0 points, it is removed from the round, and cannot be resurrected! Posting: You must wait two posts before you may post again. Choose your levels wisely! Initial Setting: When a new round starts, all levels will begin at 2500 points. [in other variations, 10 and 8 have been used] New Rules As there are multiple variations of the Hurt and Heal thread, I would like to integrate some new rules to create a new variation of this game type. Maximization: When a level reaches 4000 points, it cannot receive any more points. When this level cap is also reached, an exception will occur where you are allowed to remove 1000 points off of the level! So if there is a level just below the level cap, choose what to do - raise it to the max, leave it alone, or take some points off? Initial Comfort: When a level loses or gains points, but then lands on its initial point value of 2500 after at least three posts, the level cannot be edited for one post after it. [if a level remains untouched, this rule has no effect until requirements are met.] Handle with Care: If a level loses 1500 points consecutively [that is, three posts in a row downvote the same level - Maximization Rule does not count] then it can only be added 250 points or ignored for the next two posts after it. Ten rounds will take place, with eight levels per round, allowing for ten rounds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ZK2 D&R: Round 1 1 : Annoying Ball [2750 points] 2 : Left and Right [2500 points] 3 : The Grid [2500 points] 4 : Slip 'n' Slide [2500 points] 5 : Helping the Frog [2500 points] 6 : Round [2000 points] 7 : Arctic [2500 points] 8 : Animal Cave [2500 points]
  5. Hey guys, ZK2 is making decent progress. I'm at a mere 19 levels so far, and unsure how many levels to put in the final edition of the set. Anyways, I'll leave that for further down the road. ZK2 will have a significant increase in difficulty from my first set ZK1, with levels right from the start (no lesson levels) and some nice challenges. Here's a quick preview of level 19, "Three by Three" (sort of/kinda inspired by J.B.'s Four by Four in CCLP3). I may end up releasing a demo for this set with around 20 levels, but that'll be once the set has a good amount of levels (minimum of, oh, say 80.) With that, I'll leave you with Three by Three! -Zane/IceyLava108 Level 19, "Three by Three"
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