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There was a person named Josh, who lived in a small tent.   He said "Swag" to Tyler Sontag who gave him the potential to go on drugs and probably overdose. Trittany showed up after they fainted. Tyler brought her a gift of a Taco Bell which made her want more of some Baja Blast but she couldn't even think about getting excited with the fact that Trevor is missing. Then one day, when Michael woke up from his twelve week slumber, a ghost appeared. Suddenly, Zane became Fuji the cat and clawed at the ghost and failed to say "Jiminy Cricket Fire" then Tyler arrived and said "Phale"...but suddenly, a gigantic monster said: "I use italics!" while Michael exclaimed, "K" and then an asteroid landed destroying what use the lake supplied. Two weeks later, underlined text arrived and began plotting its revenge toward the bold text.  End of story.  Did you really think it's over?  Because it's not.  It's just the end of the world as we begin thermonuclear war.  Sorry for breaking the habit, but you know they say that you only see Michael's one star level in his five amazing condos, which are located in a black hole, where pink balls orbit the center. Seven mysterious gliders enter the empty rooms until teeth eat Tyler Sontag and promptly vomit. Afterwards, Zane Kuecks went to get tacos but fails because blobs arrived before I [Zane] could play Tyler's ridiculous dumb level called: Lounge Act. The teleporters began cloning lots of fireballs which was a malfunction that Melinda succeded in gluing together. Anyway Zane has to leave forever, because he decided that this game is absolute garbage. Also I [Zane] broke Chipster's well known China cabinet. The result is death and destruction of Tyler, Texas. After the explosion, the universe was not in peril with the state of michael affairs automatically cautioned him of the culprit that Tom invented. Tyler is a good level designer but Zane is an absolute abomination. Massachusetts sucks, so I [Tyler] win, bro. Meanwhile at Chernobyl, dogs and mudkips attack the walkers but it lacked reality and was not a nice dream. Eventually, Tom arrived and looked around for Trevor's stars, but didn't know that he phaled so hard that Texas seceded and this caused the United States to blow up along with the CCLP1 thread because Tom really locked it except

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