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Levels you want to see in CCLP4

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I don't know. No one has agreed upon any sort of style of play or difficulty level for this levelset, so I can't really think of any levels right now. Maybe a few from TS0/TS1/TS2 and some from JoshL5, and now that I have a much better design it'd be nice if I could get a better levels of mine in voting this time around.

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I can't say what i want to see in CCLP4 specifically, but i can say what i want to see in some future official level pack. This would include everything i posted in this thread, which i'll repost here:


- Water Bottle by Markus O.
- Cell Swapper by Markus O.

- Ruined Canal by me

- Combinations by Andrew Menzies


I'm too lazy to think of some other levels i may want to see, so i'll leave it at this for now.

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Here are some ideas to start off, from JBLP1 and my own sets. I'll definitely add more later. These are just levels I'm decently familiar with. I'm not taking into account any possible difficulty restrictions the set may have (though I don't think it should have any), so these are levels I find interesting and unique, with no regard to fulfilling any sort of requirement for easy levels.


tl;dr here are some levels I like.



Burning Question

Reservoir Frogs

Breen District

Jungle Fever

Colorful Archipelago

Walking on Broken Glace




When Push Comes to Shove


Exit Wounds

Cut to the Chase


Let's Just Be Friends (extremely disappointed this didn't make it into CCLP1  :) )



The Right Side

Blue Tooth

Ethical Cloning?

Ice, Ice Maybe

Skydiver's Maze


Hurricane Melinda

Japanese Game Show (!!!)




Gimmick Isle






Plug In Baby

Lounge Act


Protect Your Fortress

Repugnant Nonsense

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Mindless Self Indulgence



Death and Destruction

Empty Rooms

Tales from the Crypt

Bam Thwok


Edit: here's a bunch more stuff.




The Glider Identity

In the Walls of Gravel Castle

Our Door's Always Open

It's No Skin Off My Teeth

Mud Pit

Survivor Skills

Burnt Electrical Wire

Out of Order

Pop-Up Locks

Everything That Drowns Me

Torturechamber Deluxe

Oil Cargo Ship


Sixty-Three Hours of Frost

Following the River in My Dreams

The Poison that Flows Through Me

Cold Hearted Cave

Spatial Ruins

Greenian Moition

Ice Blister

Enclosed Sanctuary

Trench Run

... and most of the end of JoshL5



A-Maze-Ing Properties

Cell Swapper


Wrong Exit

Water Bottle

Item Swapping on Islands




The Key Issue

Lean Thinking


Chip Joins Mensa

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Let's just go ahead and mention my own stuff, for the sake of self-promotion




The Inner Plague


Mnemonic Ice


Mind Cluster

Judas' Last Move



Beta :



Roll The Dice


Boa Boa Boa

Groenland Rain

Cluster Two

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Here is a list of 216 from the CCLP1 voting packs that get worthy mention from me. I don't have all the names of designers though, and I don't include any of my own in the list.


I used cclpinfo to generate the list so please ignore the numbers.


  1. --- Asteroid Pack ---               
  2. Chip Controls                       
  3. Life, the Universe, and Everything  
  4. Maze Collection                     
  5. Lesson 12                           
  6. Electromagnetic Elevator            
  7. Chip Joins Mensa Club               
  8. --- Baguette Pack ---               
  9. Which Way Was It?                   
 10. Assistance                          
 11. One Block to Rule Them All          
 12. Overlap                             
 13. Combinations                        
 14. Canal                               
 15. Burning Passion                     
 16. --- Bookshelf Pack ---              
 17. BlueBlock                           
 18. Lean Thinking                       
 19. Obstacle Course                     
 20. Portal Skip                         
 21. Spring                              
 22. 24 Queens                           
 23. Simple Shoes                        
 24. Carousel                            
 25. Quads                               
 26. Around and Again                    
 27. --- Cardboard Pack ---              
 28. Upstream                            
 29. Lesson 8 - Extras                   
 30. Extreme Course                      
 31. Blue Island                         
 32. BlobJail                            
 33. --- Dragon Pack ---                 
 34. Wild Mouse                          
 35. Wormhole                            
 36. Chip Off the Old Block              
 37. Miscellaneous                       
 38. Player's Choice                     
 39. --- Eggplant Pack ---               
 40. Subliminal                          
 41. Reverberation (Doubt)               
 42. Maze of Death                       
 43. Whirlpool                           
 44. Frozen Pipelines                    
 45. --- Entertainment Pack ---          
 46. Chip Gets Lost                      
 47. Tanks Tango                         
 48. Aquarium                            
 49. --- Flouncy Pack ---                
 50. Circular Maze                       
 51. Tangled Web                         
 52. Beans on a Broomstick               
 53. Itemswap                            
 54. Lunar Spaceway                      
 55. --- Generic Pack ---                
 56. Button Control                      
 57. Itemswapping 101                    
 58. Tutor                               
 59. Nether Fortress                     
 60. Round and Round the Garden          
 61. Circular                            
 62. Unwanted Guest                      
 63. Streets                             
 64. --- Giraffe Pack ---                
 65. The Companion Block                 
 66. Cross Over                          
 67. Exit... Ice Left                    
 68. Guardians                           
 69. Release Me                          
 70. Deliverance                         
 71. --- Helmet Pack ---                 
 72. Keyrithmetic                        
 73. Blue Forest Fire                    
 74. Fireball Maze                       
 75. The Right Tools                     
 76. Puzzling                            
 77. Mountain Cavern                     
 78. --- Igloo Pack ---                  
 79. Buy Me Some Time                    
 80. Pipe Maze                           
 81. Puzzled Blocks                      
 82. Buying Time                         
 83. Pennsie Pinkies                     
 84. Trap Master                         
 85. Pink Ball Pond                      
 86. --- Jacuzzi Pack ---                
 87. Manicotti with Cream Chicken and Artichokes
 88. Construct-a-Sokoban                 
 89. Open and Close II                   
 90. Dual                                
 91. Kinetic Aesthetic                   
 92. --- Kimono Pack ---                 
 93. Nuclear Energy for Dummies and Smarties
 94. Directional Difference              
 95. --- Lipstick Pack ---               
 96. Diamonds                            
 97. Science Museum                      
 98. Cyclone                             
 99. Aim                                 
100. Block Island                        
101. --- Magma Pack ---                  
102. Just Once Will Do                   
103. The Key Issue                       
104. This Too Shall Pass                 
105. Replay III                          
106. Guide Line                          
107. One Step at a Time                  
108. Identical                           
109. Garbage Chute                       
110. --- Mushroom Pack ---               
111. Infiltrated                         
112. Xenocide                            
113. Duplex                              
114. --- Necktie Pack ---                
115. Back and Forth 2                    
116. Suction Search                      
117. Blockorama                          
118. The Straight and Narrow             
119. Cloner's Maze: Tank Edition         
120. Tele-Swapper                        
121. Sisyphus                            
122. --- Omicron Pack ---                
123. Monster Cage                        
124. Again and Again                     
125. Tropical Paradise                   
126. Everything                          
127. Repugnant Nonsense                  
128. Cyprus                              
129. Ice Cavern                          
130. Bugopede                            
131. --- Parrot Pack ---                 
132. Layered Labyrinth                   
133. In a Nutshell                       
134. Monster Palace                      
135. Thirsty Paramecia                   
136. Broiler Room Doom                   
137. Back and Forth                      
138. Gliding on Intersection             
139. Go with the Floe                    
140. --- Popcorn Pack ---                
141. Abandoned Warehouse                 
142. Bothersome Ball                     
143. Flock of Block                      
144. Security Gates                      
145. Habitual Change                     
146. --- Quartz Pack ---                 
147. Schnitzel                           
148. Future World                        
149. Have Block, Will Travel             
150. Excommunicated                      
151. Navigate the Hallways               
152. --- Roadcone Pack ---               
153. Doing Time                          
154. Involuntary Act                     
155. Fourtify                            
156. Memory Test                         
157. Symmetry                            
158. Ballroom                            
159. Doubleblocked                       
160. Famous Hampton Court Maze, UK       
161. Teknopathetic                       
162. --- Shampoo Pack ---                
163. Everyone in a Hurry                 
164. Bepis                               
165. Rejected                            
166. Untitled                            
167. Out of the Frying Pan               
168. Assorted Cookies                    
169. Chip's Delivery Service             
170. Relic 2                             
171. --- Shoehorn Pack ---               
172. Door Galore 2                       
173. Clog                                
174. Push to Activate                    
175. Role Reversal                       
176. Trapped                             
177. Funhouse Pinball                    
178. Sad and Lonely                      
179. 1.5D                                
180. Better Safe Than...                 
181. --- Tungsten Pack ---               
182. (Ir)reversible                      
183. A Cuckoo's Nest                     
184. Judgment                            
185. Block World                         
186. Tree of Life                        
187. Choose Your Sokoban                 
188. --- Umbrella Pack ---               
189. Little Nine Chips                   
190. Detour                              
191. Happy Wheels                        
192. Death List                          
193. --- Vermillion Pack ---             
194. Guidance for Experts                
195. Progress Bar                        
196. Pole Position                       
197. Busted?                             
198. Propaganda                          
199. Pickpocket Land                     
200. The Big Apple                       
201. Yeti                                
202. Enter the Fortress                  
203. --- Violin Pack ---                 
204. Wrong Exit                          
205. Ice Block Station                   
206. Freshman Year                       
207. Chip Crossing                       
208. I Feel Like I'm Going to Throw Up   
209. --- Wrench Pack ---                 
210. Block Island                        
211. Bridge of Disaster                  
212. Skydiver's Maze                     
213. Spin Cycle                          
214. Trash Chute                         
215. Progress Ball                       
216. --- Xylem Pack ---                  
217. Roy G. Biv                          
218. Cool Box                            
219. Step-by-Step Approach               
220. Burning Gliders                     
221. Strolling                           
222. Next in Line                        
223. Pyro Technique                      
224. No Escape                           
225. Itemswapping Mayhem                 
226. --- Yoga Pack ---                   
227. Ball Lab                            
228. Traps of Creativity                 
229. Up the River                        
230. Lesson 9 - A Challenge              
231. Framework                           
232. Glint                               
233. Fortress                            
234. Spin Cycle                          
235. Celtic Rotation                     
236. Come to the Light                   
237. Ditchdigger                         
238. Collect                             
239. --- Zephyr Pack ---                 
240. Blockage                            
241. Slide Labyrinth                     
242. Paid in Full                        
243. Cakewalk                            
244. Guarded Hallways                    
245. Mega Blocks                         
246. The Perks of Dodging a Block        
247. Changing Lanes II                   
248. Broken Portal                       
249. Chip Away                           

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Hey!  I think I made 24 Queens. :-)


And of course anything in geodave4 has my vote....well almost everything.  If you want to know what I really think of my own levels check the wiki page.

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Okay here goes (the last nine, and a few others, are mine):


Alternate Lesson 1

Fancy Footwear

Tile Tales

Invisibility Cloak

Frog in a Well

Circle Gets the Square


Warehouse 8

Gravity Distortion

Just Amazing Ice

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Primal Rage



One Block to Rule Them All



9-9-9 Plan

A Puzzle

Come to the Light

Oracle Warehouse

Oorto Geld IV

Fly Boy

Love to Hate You

Head Over Heels

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A few levels I would like to see include:


Piecewise 1.9b from Piecewise.dat


Double Time Warehouse and Unlocking the Drawbridge from Ultimate_Chip_4.dat


Tank Race by MikeL3.dat


Takedown and Cooldown from ZK3.dat

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A few levels I would like to see include:


Piecewise 1.9b from Piecewise.dat

Uhh...you realize Piecewise.dat is just one level? If this gets submitted to CCLP4, it'll probably just be the last level of the set (i.e. the finished version). Is there a reason you prefer this version of the level?

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Uhh...you realize Piecewise.dat is just one level? If this gets submitted to CCLP4, it'll probably just be the last level of the set (i.e. the finished version). Is there a reason you prefer this version of the level?

Oops, it looks like I initially downloaded the wrong version of the set. I downloaded the version that had 2.0 as the last level, which would have been way to easy.


I just downloaded the finished version. 

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I haven't kept up in cc community for quite a while, but what about my most favorite level I ever made, Many Left from NewRolfLevels, or its evil mirror version?

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Haven't played everything yet, but here's roughly my top 149:


The “here’s how items work” introductory level - Molecule by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “here’s how itemswappers work” introductory level - Union by Josh Lee.

The “use your tools wisely” introductory level - State of the Art by Josh Lee.

The “monsters have discernable patterns” introductory level - Perpetual Motion by J.B. Lewis.

The “here’s how mazes work” introductory level - A-Maze-Ing by Ida Roberthson.

The “don’t get everything you see” introductory level - Tempting by Andrew Raykowski.

The “here’s how nails work” introductory level - Hammered into Place by Andrew Menzies.

The “you can use monsters to blow stuff up” level - Die for Me! by Archie Pusaka.

The “putting it all together” introductory level - Proving Grounds by J.B. Lewis.

The “don’t disrupt the blocks” sokobans - Blox by Andrew Menzies and Antidisruptive Caves by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “just when you thought…” sokobans - Water Bottle by Markus O and What’s Wrong with This Puzzle? by Andrew Menzies.

The “use your blocks wisely” sokobans - Sewerway by Archie Pusaka, Think Outside the Block by Andrew Menzies, and Water, Water Everywhere by Josh Lee.

The “tread carefully” sokoban - Spookoban by J.B. Lewis.

The transformative sokoban - Four Block Sokoban by Jeffrey Bardon.

The reverse sokoban - Block Unpuzzle by Andrew Menzies.

The open exploration mazes - Xehanosia and Crumbled Point by Josh Lee and Jungle Fever by J.B. Lewis.

The transformative mazes - The Fourth Dimension by Josh Lee, Cluttered Crosswalks by Jeffrey Bardon, and Lasergater by Andrew Menzies.

The ice mazes - Ice in a Blender by Jeffrey Bardon and Snow Patrol by Josh Lee.

The conditional mazes - Monochrome by Andrew Menzies and Bisection by Jeffrey Bardon.

The toggle maze - Where’s That Darn… by Ida Roberthson.

The invisible mazes - The Incredibly Safe Maze by Andrew Menzies.

The blue wall mazes - Escape the Hamster Tubes by Josh Lee and Air Bubble by Jeffrey Bardon.

The recessed wall maze - Meander by Jeffrey Bardon.

The maze that never seems to end but is actually simple - Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster by Jeffrey Bardon.

The itemswappers with a design gimmick - In the Pipeline by Jeffrey Bardon and Reservoir Frogs by J.B. Lewis.

The itemswappers with a gameplay gimmick - Pneumatic Diversity Vents and Roy G. Biv by Andrew Menzies and Strandquist by Josh Lee.

The itemswapper with OH NO WHERE DID THE TIME GO - 3 Minutes to Midnight by Andrew Menzies.

The linear campaign-style variety levels - Rivets by Joshua Bone, Infiltrated by Eric Schmidt, In the Walls of Gravel Castle, Beautiful Struggle, and Ragged Mountain by Josh Lee, Decrepit Crypt by Jeffrey Bardon, Forsythia by Tyler Sontag, and (if submitted) Toothankhamun’s Tomb by Michael Moorman.

The open, non-linear variety levels - Duplex and Alaska by Josh Lee and Science Museum by J.B. Lewis,

The not-so-open, non-linear variety levels - The Three Trials by Michael Sugantino and Repugnant Nonsense by Tyler Sontag.

The thematically connected variety levels - Death and Destruction by Tyler Sontag, Let’s Just Be Friends by J.B. Lewis, and Progress Ball by Andrew Menzies.

The predictable dodging levels - Four the Love by Joshua Bone and Periodic Lasers by Andrew Menzies.

The not-so-predictable blob levels - Greenian Motion by Josh Lee and Blobfield by Andrew Menzies.

The walker melee levels - Dodge and Burn by Henry Potts and Walker Cavern by Jeffrey Bardon.

The teeth melee levels - Exit Garden by Josh Lee and The Maze That Turned On and Off by Andrew Menzies.

The “outwit the teeth” levels - Ruby in the Rough by Jeffrey Bardon and Pursued by Shadows by Andrew Menzies.

The tank level - Chip Compactor by Andrew Menzies.

The chase level - Adrenaline Rush by Markus O.

The “snatch the chips from the monsters” level - Heat Wave by Daniel Bouwmeester.

The monster manipulation levels - It’s No Skin Off My Teeth by Josh Lee, If I Ran the Zoo by Joshua Bone, and Cyprus by Tyler Sontag.

The simultaneous monster manipulation level - Revenge of the Level 1 Potted Plant by Jeffrey Bardon.

The fire level - Furnace Duct by Andrew Menzies.

The force floor navigation levels - Wildlands by Josh Lee and Pipe Maze by Andrew Menzies.

The elemental quadrants level (sort of) - Someplace Safe by Archie Pusaka.

The teleport navigation level - Restrictive Argyle by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “be careful with your boots” levels - Flipper Departments by Josh Lee, Flippant by Tyler Sontag, and Combinations by Andrew Menzies.

The “be careful with your keys” levels - Keyrithmetic by Andrew Menzies and Puzzle Box by Henry Potts.

The “be careful with your button presses” level - Measles by Ida Roberthson.

The “be careful with your steps” level - Plastic Combustion by Josh Lee.

The lovely radial symmetry levels - Alcknalkcxa by Rock Genereux and Cloverleaf by Henry Potts.

The lovely matriced levels - Suburban Legend by Jeffrey Bardon and Pop-Up Locks by Josh Lee.

The vignette collection - Life Is Not a Puzzle by Josh Lee.

The small level - Dual by Markus O.

The narrow level - Horizontal Motion Sensor by Jeffrey Bardon.

The oddly shaped level - Stairs by Archie Pusaka.

The “time crunch” level - Shemozzle by J.B. Lewis.

The “get rid of all the keys to escape” levels - Conservation of Keys by Josh Lee and The Key Issue by Ida Roberthson.

The “you can explore everything to map out a rigid solution” open levels - Skydiver’s Maze by J.B. Lewis and Cell Swapper by Markus O.

The gameplay allusion levels - Platforming?!, Pinball, and Chiptune Hero! by Andrew Menzies.

The game mechanic instructive level - Reverse Reading Order by Joshua Bone.

The “collect all the items under the blocks” level - Airlock Warehouse IN SPACE by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “navigate clusters of blocks to reach items” levels - Shambles by J.B. Lewis and Frozen Over by Josh Lee.

The “navigate clusters of blocks to reach blocks” levels - TNT by Andrew Menzies and Brick Block Facility by Josh Lee.

The “walls of…” levels - Condo Management and Asphalt Line by Josh Lee, Chilled to the Bone by J.B. Lewis, and (if submitted) The Toggle Station by Eric Schmidt.

The “pick your poison” level - Choose Your Own Adventure by Andrew Menzies.

The “go against the flow” action level - Salmon by Andrew Menzies.

The “destroyed” level - Ravaged by Josh Lee.

The “find the correct solution amidst the fakeouts” level - Exit Shopping for Dummies by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “remove the correct item” level - Living Things by Josh Lee.

The “you literally won’t see this anywhere else” levels - One-Push Sokobans and Difficulty Switch by Andrew Menzies and Empty Rooms by Tyler Sontag.

The “one way only” navigation level - Anaconda by Henry Potts.

The “alternate universe” levels - Encased in Carbonite and Monster Swapper by Andrew Menzies.

The “don’t toggle while pressing toggle buttons” level - Double Time Warehouse by Jeffrey Bardon.

The “use the blocks to actually block stuff” level - They’re Not Called Blocks for Nothing by Eric Schmidt.

The “be aware of your surroundings” level - Constant Vigilance! by Andrew Menzies.

The “thrash-a-thon” level - Dream World by Josh Lee.

The “gotcha” levels - Fission Mailed and Chasing a Dream by Andrew Menzies.

The “totally unfair” level - Lean Thinking by Ida Roberthson.

The “where the heck do I use this stuff?!” puzzle level - Overlap by Rock Genereux.

The level in which walking around is a puzzle - Invisible Fence by Andrew Menzies

The upsized level - Two by Two by Eric Schmidt.

The strange late relief level - Keyboard Malfunction by Josh Lee.

The color-themed levels - Stuck in Emerald by Josh Lee and Blue Tooth and Color Coordination by J.B. Lewis.

The crowd-pleasing Level 144 - Monorail by Tyler Sontag.

The diptychs - Brickwalled / Brickwalled Again and Jigsee / Jigsaw by Andrew Menzies and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb / How I Learned to Stop Bombing and Love the Worry by Josh Lee.

The sequel levels - Tiny II and Mini Challenges (no-luck) by Ida Roberthson and Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors by Andrew Menzies.

The ridiculously difficult level - Run Out of Gas by Archie Pusaka.

The capstone level - Gallimaufry by Henry Potts.

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How about we just compile the above post into a set of its own for fun and call it JBCCLP4? I'd play it.

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