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So here's the low-down for you people who wonder where i've been

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Am I dead? No. I'm clearly right here. I've also been active on my other sites I visit.

Am I done with Chip's Challenge? No. I've had other things to do lately.

When will I be active? Probably throuought this week, winter break, and generally whenever I got a school break.

Why is that so? Many different things.

When CCLP4 comes out, will you submit for it? You can bet on that.

Are you ready for Freddy? No.

What are your other sites? I usually use Camwoodstock and frequent Tumblr. If that's too much to fit, Camwood is a close 2nd.

Are there any MMOs you play I can find you at? Yes, actually. Realm of the Mad God. Server is USWest3. If anybody else actually plays that here, I wouldn't mind chilling in that server.

Are other video games a key factor in not being active? Yes. Plants Vs. Zombies and the aforementioned Realm of the Mad God have kinda been my main games recently.

So wait, you're returning? Yes. I'll try to be as active as I can.

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It's nice to see your back.


I agree. Chipwoodstock easily has the most beautiful back of anyone I know. Please post more pictures, man! Can't get enough of your back!

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