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CC Ultimate Music Playlist

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[7:52:22 PM] Tyler Sontag: i'm trying to make a thread

[7:52:30 PM] Tyler Sontag: where people post songs that have the same titles as official cc levels

[7:52:32 PM] Tyler Sontag: and s***


Know any songs that have the same title as a CC level? Post 'em here! I'll update the list in this first post as more people post, so we can construct the ultimate CC music playlist (or something idk)









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#75 - Steam (Peter Gabriel)

#100 - Colony (Joy Division)

#149 - Special (New Order)



#115 - California (U2)



#116 - Turn Turn Turn (The Byrds)



#145 - Recurring Dream (Crowded House)


Approximately... (incidentally all in CCLP3 and all by R.E.M.)

#54 - Good Advices (R.E.M.)

#57 - Beachball (R.E.M.)

#66 - Aftermath (R.E.M.)

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Just a few here



#33 - On the Rocks is a song recorded by Nicole Scherzinger

#33 - On the Rocks is a song by Grieves

#86 - Suicide is a song by Karlos Farrar

#86 - Suicide is a song by Erk tha Jerk

#93 - Roadsign is a song by Zoe Phillips

#101 Apartment is a song by Young the Giant

#103 - Memory is a song by Barbara Streisand (used in the musical Cats)

#103 - Memory is a song by Barry Manilow

#104 - Jailer is a song by Asa

#105 - Short Circuit is a song by Daft Punk

#110 - Chiller by Annoying Orange is a parody of Thriller by Michael Jackson

#141 - Underground is a song by Eminem

#147 - Force Field is a song by Smash Mouth

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Some more




#2 - Snakes and Ladders (Joss Stone) also (Georgia Fields)

#3 - A Walk in the Park (Soulmen) also (Beach House) also (Conways) and more

#12 - My Friend (Groove Armada) also My Friends (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

#13 - Road Block (Jonny Yen) also (Stock Aitken & Waterman) also (The Steepwater Band) also (Neville Staple) also (Lil Wayne)

#18 - Replay (Zendaya) also (Iyaz)

#22 Damp (Daylight)

and who could miss this one:

#37 Blue Moon (written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934) also recorded by (The Marcels) (Elvis) (The Delltones) (The Mavericks) (Ella Fitzgerald) (Nat King Cole) and many more

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reviving this thread because idk




#27 - Go With the Flow (Queens of the Stone Age)




#91 - Roundabout (Yes)




#106 - Bounce (System of a Down)




#10 - Alone (Warmen)

#63 - Disciple (Slayer)

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Some more:

CC1 #65 - Amsterdam (Crowded House)
CCLP2 #79 - Cra-zy (R.E.M.)
CCLP2 #91 - Tutti-Frutti (New Order)
CCLP2 #107/#114 - Joyride I/II (Roxette)


CC1 #64 - Spooks (New Order - Spooky)
CCLP1 #19 - Feel the Static (Green Day - The Static Age)
CCLP1 #83 - Ruined World (New Order - Ruined in a Day)
CCLP2 #104 - Pyramid (Radiohead - Pyramid Song)
CCLP4 #50 - Secret Underground Society (The Offspring - Secrets from the Underground)
CCLP4 #81 - Estranged for a Season (Guns 'n' Roses - Estranged)
CCLP4 #83 - Frozen Over (Madonna - Frozen)
CCLP4 #108 - Scatterbrained (Radiohead - Scatterbain)


Roughly, based on lyrics:
CCLP3 #94 - Mistakes (Joy Division - The Only Mistake - "Made the fatal mistake / Like I did once before / A tendency just to take / Till the purpose turned sour")
CCLP1 #47 - Bombs Away (Green Day - X-Kid - "Bombs away / Here goes nothing")

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Removed Madhav's first post list from my original post list, since there's really no point in compiling them all in a single post. Here's some new stuff.


CCLP2 #119 - Teeth (Cage the Elephant)

CCLP4 #79 - Spring (Antonio Vivaldi)

CCLP4 #85 - Forsythia (Veruca Salt)

CCLP4 #121 - Death and Destruction (Weezer, yes, I got a level named after a Weezer song in CCLP1, 3, and 4)

CCLP4 #130 - Bam Thwok (Pixies)

CCLP4 #133 - Monochrome (The Sundays)

CCLP4 #139 - Unravel (Björk)

CC2 #119 - Ghost (Neutral Milk Hotel)

CC2 #144 - The Village (New Order)

CC2 #196 - Swamp (Talking Heads)


And approximately:

CCLP4 #74 - Techopathic (Hideki Naganuma - Teknopathetic, its original name in TS0)

CC2 #90 - Evil Twin (They Might Be Giants - My Evil Twin)

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