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February 2015 Create Competition - Walls of CCLP2

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Who's craving for a create competition? Let's find out...


Your task is to pick a level from CCLP2 and use its arrangement of walls to create a new level. You can pick any level from the range #1-#149, then delete anything you want except for any walls, and finally rebuild it into a new level. If you wish, you can also pick another prominent tile in the level and replace it with some other tile exactly.


This is the sequel competition to the one we had last year in February. It was a successful theme and this was even requested. As was the case last time, by 'walls' I specifically mean the normal wall tile, but you can choose to keep other walls intact too. You may add new walls, but I would rather you didn't. I will judge the submissions myself during of March 2015. For this kind of thing, I enjoy it most when the level highlights a different thing than the one it uses as a base. For example, if the wall arrangement was designed for dodging tanks and you find a way to use something else there in a natural way, I will like that. On the opposite side, if you pick a level with very few walls, I will not easily see much value in that (within this competition). I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!



-Submissions are open as long as it is February 2015 where you live!

-Do not make a overly difficult level. A moderate difficulty is fine but then it would be nice if it wasn't too long.

-The level must be solvable, but does not need to work in both MS and Lynx. You may even use invalid tiles if you wish.
-The level must be new; it must not have been released earlier.
-Please give the level a new name, time limit and set a new password. Don't forget!

-You may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other.
-Points will be deducted for late entries, but will be accepted until a notice is posted in this thread.

-Entrants receive the normal prizes: the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants.
-Please ask about other unclear situations.

Email and attach your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com. I will strive to reply with a confirmation that I have received your entry.

I prefer if you use your username and this competition in the subject. Keep it short and simple, something like: "February Create - Melinda"

Everyone is welcome to join! :)


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I assme the level must come from the original CCLP2 and not from the CCLXP2 Beta?

Yes, this is the intention. If you had a good reason to do so, I could see myself accepting such an entry though.


The first submissions have arrived. I won't confirm who it is, but just saying that Josh is a level making machine!

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I love these sorts of competitions: and CCLP2 has more interesting wall patterns than CC1.  Definitely looking forward to seeing which levels were chosen like last time: and maybe in a few months we can get one for CCLP3 levels :)

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For anyone still deciding which level(s) to use, here's a set with all 149 templates (from the MS version): http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/441-cclp2-walls-only-edition-ms/.


NOTE: I recommend that when you decide to use one, you should recreate the template from the original CCLP2 set, in case i made errors. The general appearance should be the same, but please let me know if you find out otherwise.

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I'm starting to play the levels already so I can get the results out as soon as possible next week. You can still send in submissions or updates to your levels I'll try to be as fair as possible even though I've played some already. From what I've seen so far, all I can say is that I'm going to have a hard time deciding on how exactly to rank the levels, and it will be quite subjective. I'm also contacting a few people about some of the details of their levels to make sure the levels aren't rated low for something I don't understand, so everyone else can also take this as a reminder that you can still revisit your own creation and review it. :)


Stay tuned for the results and a new competition next week!

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My entry is based on level 116 - Turn Turn Turn.

It was a simple layout and I didn't add much to make the level, but it seemed to work well.

The new title I gave it is Flight Path.

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Hi guys.


I usually like to post the levels, the results, and some reasoning for my ranking all at the same time. This time however, I have had a pretty busy month and there were more submissions than ever before. I also received continual requests to see the levels. As a result, I have decided to release them and the ranking, but you will have to wait for me to explain some of my reasoning. I'll just say that it wasn't the easiest task I've had to rank these, but I didn't want to cop out either by clumping more levels into ties than I needed. Here's what I ended up with:


1. Eric119________ The Toggle Station
2. random 8_______ Tracing Constellations
3. lookatthis_____ Feeble Existence
4. chipster1059___ A Moment of Tooth
5. Flareon350_____ Asphalt Line
6. Ihavenoname248_ Treasure Quest
7. J.B. Lewis_____ Chilled to the Bone
7. KeyboardWielder Inside the Box
7. Syzygy_________ Flightpath
7. rockdet________ Presentiment
11.Minus3k2_______ Thinkbox
11.Hornlitz_______ Movin' Out
11.RB3ProKeys_____ Simple Keys
11.geodave________ UglyBirds
11.Cyberdog_______ Aces High
11.James__________ Guaranteed to be the dumbest level in this competition


 Congratulations to the winner, Eric!


 With sixteen participants and 41 submitted levels, this has been the largest create competition to date. To me that fact alone is very cool! I picked my favorite level from each designer and then ranked those against each other. The rest of the levels are released in the order of the levels they were based on in CCLP2. Oh yeah, you can get all the levels here. I would love to hear your thoughts on the levels and why you think my ranking is totally off. My ranking is pretty subjective and I hope to have the time to explain some of it before the month is out. There were many stellar entries that could easily be ranked higher, so if you are a designer that is feeling this for their own level, I suggest you look at the next few levels on the list and maybe you'll be wondering why they in turn were not ranked higher than your level to too. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, I hope you try out the levels submitted by others and then join in again this month for the current competition!



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My levels have their own section in the level package, and I didn't come in solo last place! :chipwin:


I wanted to send those levels in for the Ice Block competition a while back, but I stupidly missed the deadline. I still wanted to share the concept, so I figured this competition would be the next best thing.


Congrats Eric! Well done to everyone else who participated; there were some really good levels created. Special shoutout to RB3ProKeys for the amount of effort that was no doubt put in creating all those entries. (Y)

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Isn't it about time I wrote some thoughts on these levels? I don't have the energy to write about all of them, so I will pick and choose a few that I have something more to say than 'enjoyed this' or 'would have done things differently' :)


Toggle Station - Eric119

I picked this as the winner as there was nothing I didn't like in it, and it used all the rooms very nicely. I also liked the choice of which level to use for some reason, and it still retained a little bit of the same feel with the monster dodging in the middle area.


Tracing Constellation - random 8

I liked this level because of many tiny details but mainly because of the alternate routes Chip could take. My main complaints with it were that the different solutions didn't quite balance out in difficulty, and I thought the uppermost area is almost always avoidable. Another small thing I liked was all the different ways you avoided using new walls, but the sockets made that room feel a bit cluttered (I guess I wasn't sure if they were meant to be opened later). I love the monster paths and tricks throughout the level.


Feeble Existence - lookatthis

When this competition started I wasn't sure how different I would like the levels to be from the one the walls are taken from. Once there were so many submissions, small things like the mirroring of some of the themes of the original level here really felt nice. 


The Moment of Tooth - chipster1059

I love seeing a puzzle that uses invalid tiles in a clever way. Not knowing what tiles are hidden does still create a small problem,


Asphalt Line - Flareon350

A solid design that felt exciting to play for the first time.


Treasure Quest - Ihavenoname248

A fun little level. I enjoyed it more than your other ones just because it was simpler. I don't like invisible or appearing walls in general, but here you used them sparingly enough and in the right places that they were totally the right call.


Chilled to the Bone - J.B. Lewis

I watched the video of you making this level before actually playing it, and I was afraid it would feel too much like some levels I had already experienced. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it had its own feel mostly due to the use of ice. I think the extra blue keys annoyed me a bit in a level where I was already lost.


Inside the Box - Keyboardwielder

Like I said, I loved seeing a puzzle that used invalid tiles in this way. Not once but twice for a fraction of a second I thought that you must have sent me the wrong version of the level as this must be unsolvable. Please make more levels! (I wonder why I didn't rank this one any higher?)


Flight Path - Syzygy

I love the simplicity of this level! It was very fun to play. Maybe if you made it from scratch I would recommend making the outside area a bit smaller than the whole level. 


Presentiment - rockdet

This level is the main one I really wanted to give feedback on, if only because others haven't seen it yet, but also because I'm sure Rock is wondering how it is so low in the rankings. One reason is purely the high quality of the other entries, but also the difficulty and my experience with the level. I very much appreciate that you created a puzzle in the tight constraints of this wall configuration, but I had to play through the level too many times before solving it for it to remain a great experience. Maybe adding the bug was a bit too much, as moving the block in that area felt really risky, and I was afraid it would go on the force floor slide. I could have done with one or two fewer water tiles to fill in with blocks. You also sent in a version that was not solvable until two things were changed, so while I try to not allow this sort of thing to affect the ranking if it is an easy mistake, it did have an effect on my experience and I knew you had only played the level through in your head. Your use of space is elegant, I liked the visual liberties you took with using the walls and blue walls all as clone machines, and I enjoyed how it felt so different from the original even if Chip and the Exit were in the same places. In the end, by the time you release the level, I will give it a big thumbs up and a warm recommendation, and then wait for others to disagree on this assessment here  :)


Thinkbox - Minus3K2

This is perhaps the best level of yours that I have seen. I like how you can drown the teeth but you have to look for the way to do this while he chases you. The item swapper adds to the level in a nice way (compared to just having chips which you are supposed to get with the teeth chasing you, and the overall difficulty of the level leans nicely on the easier side.


Movin' Out - Hornlitz

Looking in the editor, I thought I would love this level. I still appreciate the symmetry in the name and puzzle to a previous entry of yours. I also like how this really is a simple wall layout but I hadn't realized all aspects of it from the original, because that one feels much more like just a square than this one does. Overall, I ranked it this low because it is almost too simple to play and solve, when I was hoping to really need to think about things. Maybe an update at some point, perhaps with pop-ups under the blocks? (That's my go to solution to fix a level, not sure what it would do here...)


Simple Key - RB3ProKeys

I enjoyed many of your submissions, so thank you once again for them all. I picked this one as my favorite because it did not fall into the trap of being too complex. Several of your others did not feel as refined, and the block pushing in some of them was very long, as well as guessing the trap connections. This level was quite fun in both rule sets.


UglyBirds - geodave

I liked the concept here but overall I felt it was missing something. I don't love blue walls and some of the block pushing was a bit clunky (which was probably due to the constraint of the wall layout). I think I ranked it this low because I saw some potential in the level but now I don't remember what I might have been thinking.


Aces High - Cyberdog

This level had a lot of walking in long empty corridors and you needed to know which buttons were supposed to be pressed when. The teleport stuff also threw me off, as I didn't first understand what was going on or what was supposed to happen, as I couldn't see it well enough. Picking up those chips from the pink balls is not easy for everyone. My favorite part was the glider room with the two appearing walls, as this mirrored the original level nicely and still felt very different.


I guess I ended up saying something about a level for each participant, so that was more than I was really planning on getting to. Hopefully you enjoyed some of these thoughts, and maybe you even are inspired to play some of the levels you might have missed earlier. Have a good week!



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