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Hurt and Heal: CC1, CCLP1-3 Winners

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Alright folks, this thread will deteremine the 100% objective best level ever that if you don't like you'll be shunned from the Chip's Challenge community forever P.S. this is sarcasm, using the winners from the previous Hurt and Heals of the official packs.


I'm gonna modify the rules a little bit, though. If you don't like them, someone can start another thread with the standard rules, but I think this setup may be a little more fair.


+2 for the level you want to heal, -1 for the level you want to hurt. A level wins when it reaches 100 points. All levels start with points. Point values are allowed to be negative.

Copy and paste the latest post reply, then make your changes with +2 and -1 to your choices and numbers.

Rules - No double posting! Wait until at least five different people after you have responded minimum before you post again!


Paranoia [-1] -1

Key Color [0]

Water Trap [0]

The Ancient Temple [2] +2

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