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Pulluxx's Levelset (CC2)

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I'm working on a levelset for Chip's Challenge 2. First time I'm doing something like this :P, so let's see how it goes! I'm gonna try to make levels focused on Melinda. Any feedback, comments or whatever are welcome :).


Here's some pics of some of the levels I've made. I currently have 7 levels done, more on the way!




Made this level today. Is gonna be one of the earlier levels since it's not too difficult.




One of the first levels I made. I think I made the puzzle pretty hard, but there might be some easy solution to finish it that I haven't figured out, :).




I wanted to have a cloning machine that made playable Chips. After designing half the level, I found out you couldn't do that :facepalm:. So I glued together a finite clone machine with some force fields, toggle doors and a tank. The ending will be harder the more Chips you use, hence the name.




I wanted to make a level where Melinda's inability to go through dirt and gravel makes for interesting monster interactions.

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