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"Bronze" (CC2 set) feedback thread

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"Bronze" is the first of at least four (hopefully) mid-sized CC2 levelsets that I've decided to invest time into developing. If you have any issues with the set to report or just want to leave public feedback, feel free!

Download the latest version of the set




As of 2015/06/28: I'm aware of issues with #19, these will be fixed in 1.0.2 :)

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BRONZE - IceyLava
Interesting idea but not much fun in practice. I know it would spoil the color composition but I think it would be more fun with red teleports, since they are predictable and allow direction changing.

02 DIG
I *LOVE* this one. Really fun to come up with a strategy. Some really hilarious ways to get stuck also.

I’m just not a fan of levels that require precision direction-changing with speed boots.

Yeah! Fun concept and difficult enough to be a challenge.

Another interesting idea that’s (imo) just not much fun in practice. I have fun up until about the 2nd bomb and then it’s just frustrating trying to time the green button pushes with the fireball’s location. Inevitably I mistime it and the teeth dies.

Am I missing something or are you completely screwed if a blob turns into a teeth? Every time I’ve played I end up with a teeth blocking up everything and preventing any further progress.

Fun! I beat it with 1 second to spare on the first try. I like how you have to explore a few different parts of the maze in order to push enough blocks out of the way.

Easy and fun! Good combo of item-dropping and bribes.

I beat it first try… but isn’t it completely random? And couldn’t the bowling balls just as easily miss the bombs? Unless there’s a strategy I’m missing, I’m not a big fan of this concept. Do you have to memorize the green teleport sequence? :/

10 X
Really fun! I was so happy to get the armor!

Really enjoyed this one. I like that there are lots of extra creatures, it feels sandbox-ey which is a good thing.

I don’t get it… why on earth would you make a player wait for over a minute just to start playing a level?

Cool idea pushing and pulling blocks to shield you. I don’t know if I’m supposed to use all the blocks or just try to make it to the red key using two blocks at a time. If it’s the latter case… I’ve gotten close to getting back to the exit a couple times but haven’t succeeded yet, seems pretty hit or miss. If it’s the former case, I’d love to see how it’s supposed to be done.

Cool concept! Just easy enough to do in your head vice making a map :)

Really fun level. The upper left and lower rooms were the most difficult but it was all pretty easy. It was fun seeing the different transmogrifier ‘inventions’.

I did it! I busted it! When you get the second bomb, place it in the path of the pink ball such that it blows up the blue door but not the exit. Then, you have two places to hide. Either step up onto the force floor or else slide onto the ice corner at EXACTLY the moment the bomb explodes, and you survive the explosion and win. (Best chance of winning is just to stand under the force floor and hold the up button). LOVE this level idea though. If you can make every section LOOK like there must a way to bust it without actually allowing it, then you've got a top-notch level! (To fix my bust, replace the FF with a pop-up wall and adjust the ice slide so it's all within the bomb's radius for that location).

Could have done pretty much the same thing with bombs… Precision sideways steps off of force floors are not fun to me, sorry. Bowling ball puzzle at the end looks very clever, I wish I could get to it without all the precision stuff.

Didn’t beat yet. Seems horribly, awfully, abysmally, mind-numbingly repetitive to have to go all the way back to the start every time you want a new TNT… could you be more generous with the placement please? (I know there are speed boots but I have to drop them to pick up all the other items).

WONDERFUL concept… but a) the time limit is WAAAAAY too short, and B) WHERE IS THE GREEN KEY??? (even in the editor I can’t find one). I get the fifth Chip out of prison and then I’m stuck in a room with a yellow tank and a green door with no idea how to proceed. Had tons of fun getting there though!

Nice little puzzle! But between this and IN THE DESERT, when will the girls get tired of Chip always rescuing Melinda?

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Am I missing something or are you completely screwed if a blob turns into a teeth? Every time I’ve played I end up with a teeth blocking up everything and preventing any further progress.

It sure seems that way. I keep getting the sequence, "ant, spider, blue tank, teeth," even if I wait a bit before moving the blue tank. Maybe this is deliberate, but I don't see how ti's possible when you get teeth. Changing blob behaviors under "Properties" would remedy this. I used "Extra random" for my Blob Slots level.


EDIT: Anyway, I feel that the cleverest level of the set is 11, Be the Block. I had a lot of fun with 19, Stronger in Numbers, as well, but I'll admit I didn't finish it. It's nice to see someone putting logic gates to good use!

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somehow I played these in alphabetical order.  Here's my feedback so far:


1. access denied - got bored and quite
2. airport security - good idea I haven't figured out the sequence yet
3. be the block - neat concept
4. black shield - holy crap....but a nice idea
5. niko, let's go bowline - I can only say I have no idea how the second ball found a bomb.

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I have decided to come back to CC2 after almost two years. 

This set, Bronze, is now complete at twenty levels that have since been edited or replaced (for the most part). 




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1: Decent green teleport level.

2: Very creative, I love it.

3: I solved this with just one tick to spare, and no bonus. With even a time limit of 7, this would be better, I think.

4: Very clever concept.

5: Nice concept. A bit short though.

6: I couldn't solve it. The moment the blob produces a teeth, the level is cooked.

7: Good maze, I like the current time limit.

8: It's a simple puzzle, but the bonuses are a nice addition. It would be nice if you added something under the chips though.

9: Solved it on the first try. I don't know if I was very lucky, or if you studied the seeds very well. Either way, COOL!

10: Fun.

11: Nice concept, I've already seen it done a few times.

12: The use of fire in addition to fireballs makes this better. The wait at the beginning is a bit long though.

13: Very hard, but decent.

14: Much harder than it looks at first.

15: One of the best levels of the set.

16: I like it.

17: Blowing up exits is awesome. The tank+bug part was especially good. Nice ghost hint.

18: Good maze.

19: Awesome use of stopwatches.

20: Really great concept, although the time limit is a bit short.

Submit for CC2LP1 plz?

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