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looking forward to any updates! I liked where this set was going (Y):lol: I'll definitely want to play more.

ask us in discord for any help/tips/feedback etc.

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It has been released!

Version 2.0 includes 160 levels.  The levels have also been re-ordered so there is more of a difficulty curve.  Some levels have been removed; while some of these will return in future updates, others are gone forever, as they were way too painful.

I hope you enjoy playing this set :) Please leave feedback so I can improve future levels!

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here's a little bit of feedback. I'll have more the next time I play.

I can't remember exactly which levels I played before but I tried to comment on ones that were either new to me or I didn't remember playing

Clutter Management:
Excellent small level. I got most of the bonuses but not all.

Global Warming:
I remember this one but I never played it cause I'm not real good with dodging levels. This one is pretty nice imo; the challenge for me was seeing what was safe and not; where to walk. Being Melinda and other stuff takes a little getting used to.

Frozen Teeth:
Nice use of simple elements to make a new concept. Requires patience to avoid killing yourself.

Collapsing Elevator Shafts:
I like the rooms forcing you to work with blocks in interesting ways.
I'm not as big a fan of sokobans with bombs where it's easy to misstep and die.
I was also confused about the ending part, not sure how I liked that.

Don't Panic: This wasn't really my type of level. I don't like mazes with trap dead endings like that.

Sliding Bombs:
neat concept; took me a little bit to figure out what you needed to do. :D

Ode to a cloned teeth:
I feel like this level is busted; after the starting room it seems most of the stuff can be skipped over and the exit is right there out in the open.

Ice Block City:
one of my favorites so far. Haven't solved it yet; pretty tough and a Cool compact level with good puzzles.

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Thank you for the feedback mobius!  It has been helpful, and I'm glad you liked several of these levels :)

I'll fix the issues with Collapsing Elevator Shafts and Ode to a Cloned Teeth in the next version, which will hopefully be released in a few weeks.  The bust in Cloned Teeth though...how did I miss this? :facepalm:

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NOTHING?: I liked it a lot; nice dodging and simple puzzles, this kind works really well in a 10x10 level.

LADYBUGS: nice one and very hard! (I would put it later in the pack if you want the difficult levels toward the end)

excellent title, and some very cool concepts; I especially like the opening room. However I must admit the train track room, nice concept but it's waay too long for my taste. I know you really only have to hold any button down but you're in nervous anticipation of what might come at the end and it gets a little old after while.

Very cool concept; I don't think I've seen enough interesting levels with TNT like this.

interesting one, though very easy, maybe a little too easy.

really nice concept and nice decoration as well! The overall feel of the level is fun and not too taxing. There are ways to lose but it's fair to see exactly what you should do if you're patient. I don't understand the red keys at the end.

Another fun set of small puzzles. After the fourth room however I'm confused as to what to do next. Do you have to partial post to get to the next teleporter?

very fun maze type of level.

again, very fun simple but elegant concept. I like that you can look ahead and decided what's safe to use where or when. I got most of the bonuses.

I just glanced at this level, didn't play it yet. Could you put the hint tile a few spaces south? As is it overlaps the letter tiles above and is very hard to read. (I've encountered this in my own levels and I admit it can be annoying).

fun quick level. A nice breather level in between other types.

the set seems to be getting better the more I play. :D

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I'm glad you're enjoying this set, and most of its levels :)

I'll shorten the track room in the next version of Keep Calm.

The keys in Deprogression are there for aesthetic purposes; they are pointless when it comes to gameplay.  Maybe I should remove them? (I'm glad you liked the level overall though :))

For Shapes on the Wall:

No partial posting is necessary.  In the fourth room, the yellow lock above the cloner should not be opened.

You make a valid point about the hint in Removed Feature; I have a feeling this might not be the only time this happens in this set :( I'll try to fix these (I kinda miss how Tile World displayed the hints in a seperate box next to the map...)

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thanks for hints; didn't get to play lately so here's the rest of what I did a while ago;

fun dodging level that really keeps you on your toes!

A pretty good one, simple but effective. I wanted to get the bonus but I freaked out at the end, worrying about how the tanks would effect the gliders so I exited and didn't get any. :facepalm:

Reminds me a little of scrambled eggs (from CC2). I don't mind it too much and it doesn't drive me insane :P.

I seem to recall this one having a different title before?

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Thank you for the feedback :)

18 hours ago, mobius said:


I seem to recall this one having a different title before?

I think you might be confusing this with another level...this one had its current title ever since I first added it to the set.

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C1059-CC2 has been updated; it now has 180 levels.  I have also made the following changes, following Mobius' feedback:

12: Replaced some bombs with sockets and modified last room.
17: Added extra dirt to fix bust.
24: Shortened the track maze in the end.
34: Moved hint so it doesn't overlap with the letter tiles, and reduced bonus.

Please leave feedback :)


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I was playing and got up to ~level 60

some of my favorites recently: push and pull, Sequence and Pattern, Iceblock team, Exchange, Ferry Spiral, Boiled Peanuts, Reverse Sokoban...

Here are levels I was totally stumped or confused on;
Random Monster Generator, --not sure what exactly to do or what the goal is. Well, I know the ultimate goal but not how to achieve that.

Arms Length. ....I think I just figured it out while typing this ...<_<

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C1059-CC2 has been updated and now has 200 levels!

In addition to this, a few other levels have been modified:
75: Added arrows to indicate directions of cloners.
79: Raised time limit and moved one hook to make solution less hard to figure out.
86: Added extra fire tile to prevent block slapping bust.
88: Added extra thin walls in directional block room to prevent bust.
92: Removed some blue keys to make the bonus harder to obtain.
98: Time limit raised from 150 to 300.
108: Replaced view from split to 10*10.
147: Enlarged the map to work around a flame jet bug.
168: Made the ending less evil.

The next update will probably come in the first half of 2019.

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I know I said the next update would come in the first half of 2019, but recently Tyler started streaming the set, and it turns out that several early levels were evil.  In most cases, it was just a handful of tiles that ruined the experience.  I continued playing beyond where Tyler stopped and found more such issues.  This version fixes these issues.  In two cases, the entire level had to be removed and replaced with something else.

Here is a detailed changelog:

Levels 131 and 170 replaced.
8: Removed one of the chips that was evil.
10: Removed one tank, one walker, and moved the flippers closer.
12: Added bonus flags under some blocks.
14: Removed the transmogrifer and replaced some swivels with fire.
17: Removed transmogrifer to prevent bust.
19: Replaced rover clone machine with a walker one.
22: Rotated a few force floors.
24: Added hint.
27: Blocked off a teleport with thin walls.  Added eye.
30: Minor rewiring to prevent bust.
36: Replaced toggle wall with recessed wall.
53: Slight edits to the beginning.
66: Added some thin walls near a teleport.
72: Removed one walker.
128: Moved a teeth to prevent glitch.

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This set has been updated with a total of 227 levels.  The last 7 levels have weird slots.

A CC2LP1 submissions set will be assembled over the next few days.

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