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Level help/hints

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Couldn't find a help thread so I started one.


I need help with Endangered Species [level 187 of CC2]

The first part with blocks and the trap is pretty simple [though Clever, I liked it] and also the section with the ice blocks.

After you get the RR sign and go back to get the bowling balls I'm totally stumped. I don't see how to get by the water square and into the next area. The only thing I can think of is the new mechanic [that I frankly don't like at all] that you can make blocks come out of a clone machine in the wrong direction by blocking it up. But if that's possible it looks very hard and annoying to pull off.

also on the level "Gears" I can't see any way to go anywhere. I can only move in the three safe spaces around the start. Moving anywhere else seems like certain death.

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