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ZK4 thread

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Leave feedback, issues, or constructive criticism about ZK4 in this thread. Thank you!

lol no one will use this thread why did i even create it 

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Anyway, I'll post my feedback for the last 15 levels (61-80)


61. Cool chip collecting level and nice aesthetics, water and fire go well together.


62. Somewhat difficult chip collecting level but not too hard once you have a system. I wouldn't want to swim in this swimming pool though, this felt like Chip was swimming with sharks.


63. Attractive aesthetics and another simple chip collecting level.


64. Also a nice level to play, I like the ending puzzle too.


65. This is an okay level the only part I had slight trouble with is the blobs and glider section but everything else is fine.


66. I have never seen this kind of puzzle though and I like this concept. This is good practice managing a tooth monster,


67. Yet another simple chip collecting level.


68. I had to draw a map for this level, it is very easy to lose track of where you are hence it is also very easy to screw up on. This sort of feels like an advanced version of "Cellblock".


69. At first it looked difficult but it's was easier than I thought. A bit tedious but still okay.


70. Bit of a boring level, just the same thing several times.


71. This is a fantastic level, it has that role-reveral concept which is cool. I believe there aren't that many of those levels.


72. Cool looking and simple item swapper. I don't why Chip is standing on top of a blue wall and Chip being able to move right into the nothingness.


73. At first it looked like a difficult timing but this level was easier than I thought.


74. Cool mechanism for a toggle door puzzle, I really enjoyed this one.


75. This level kind of makes the player think that this is gonna be a hard level but it is indeed easy. Just have to explore the surroundings hence the title.


That is my feedback for ZK4 overall not too bad of a set :) , it had nice puzzles and great concepts and aesthetics. I would give this set a 3.7 out of 5 since there were some really hard levels as well as a bit of bland levels. The levels I had the most trouble with are "No FIghting In The War Room" (32), "Pink and Blue (36), and "Mosh Pit" (51). I felt that these levels were unfair and their randomness kind of made the level harder when it didn't need to. I also felt that near the end of the set there were some simple chip collecting levels and a few tedious ones. However, there were many great levels too like "Train Stations" (50), "Cannon" (52), and "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together (71). In addition to a few levels that looked great like Observatory (63) and Hiking (10). In conclusion, I had a fun time playing this set and it did have its ups and downs for the most part more ups. :chipwin:(Y)

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