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Hello all

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I've been registered for quite some time and never got around to greeting everyone before.


My name is Rory, and I'm currently an undergraduate student of music composition. 


The history I have with Chip's Challenge is rather funny, as I discovered the game by pure chance - I came across the title ever-so-occasionally in passing, not even knowing what kind of game it was, and one day finally decided to look it up. 5-6 years ago, I first found a copy of the Microsoft version that I was able to play on my 32-bit notebook at the time, but my bond was was still tenuous. However, over time, I tried the game on other systems, such as the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and DOS and started to like it much, much more. Now, I primarily use Tile World 2, but have also enjoyed Chuck's Challenge 3D and Chip's Challenge 2 on steam.


I look forward to contributing and interacting some more here, especially once my studies wind down within the next few months!

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Great to have you around, Rory! I'm sure some of us can relate to your experience of looking up an old favorite game online and discovering that it is still alive. Once you get the hang of designing some levels of your own, it would be interesting to hear how you would compare music composition to "level composition" and maybe you can teach the rest of us something! :)

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