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BeOS Tile World

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Tile World is open-source program, making it possible for third-party developers to make modifications to it. An older version (1.0) was ported to BeOS in 2002 and can be downloaded here:




I decided to try it out to see if there was any hope of porting a more recent version to BeOS' successor Haiku, so I installed this version in a virtual machine, and found that it suffers from several bugs. One of them is especially weird.


the end of all time, by David Stolp, should take 3.14*(10^20) years to solve. However, for some reason, in this BeOS version of Tile World, the bomb blows up after only a few minutes. This does not occur in any Windows or Linux versions of Tile World, I tested it.


I have tried to investigate the reason why this happens, but unfortunately the source code for the BeOS version is not available since BeBits went down last year.


The only browser included with BeOS is called NetPositive, and its last version was released in 2001, so I can't access CCZone to upload my TWS file. I managed, however, to film this AVI from the host operating system, and here it is.



Does anyone have any idea why this happens? And do I qualify for the Armageddon award?

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As you probably all figured out, this was a joke.  The level used was modified to make it solvable in a few minutes and the window theme was changed to make it look like BeOS.


What IS true, however, is that there really is a BeOS version of Tile World.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to get it to run, and either way, it is based on an older version, making it essentially useless.

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