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James' official scores

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#71 (How to Get Around in Venice): 432 (+2, b+1) joint bold with pieguy and IHNN

A massive amount of the credit goes to pieguy: Jeffrey and I found an extra [4] at the start compared to pieguy's 431 (for a total of +[9] at the start compared to the public 430), and pieguy later worked his magic to find 432 with the help of these moves. There was no real collab agreement in place, but pieguy graciously extended a joint bold offer to us anyway as he doesn't think he would have found 432 otherwise. Pieguy says he will be away for a week and will wait to post a score report until afterwards, but he officially reported this score to me in private (in my capacity as scorekeeper, à la old emails to Alice Voith) and said it was ok for us to report it now. (name order pg/ja/jb)

Route is in the public tws and also on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/wtTGdStR--0 The extra [4] at the start get equalized at the fireballs, but they *did* help unlock a perfect variation with no moves lost after the fireballs (which just barely allows 432). The current route is now maxed variation-wise; scoring higher would require even more moves at the start or some kind of structural adjustment to the route. (The tank sokoban can be done faster than this in several ways, but you are gatekept by the toggle door anyway so it doesn't matter.)

6,070,720 - 114 b

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