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Quagmire Pack - Discussion

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This is the official discussion thread for CCLP4 voting's Quagmire Pack. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and comments on the levels here!

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  • #33 (Topography of a Solid): Didn't understand the title.  The maze is nice but the toggle walls are unnecessarily annoying.
  • #32 (Gallimaufry): I like this level.  Despite having a few things to be figured out, I was almost able to solve it on the first attempt - but ran out of time.  Suggest increasing the time limit to the full 999.  Can be solved interestingly with one block less (and maybe another if you can get the walkers to co-operate).

- Madhav.

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#30 (Artifial Gravity Facility): Score of 308 in Lynx ... Seems to be busted; you can go through the trap at (9,18) to the exit.


- Madhav.

(I made that level)


URGGH that's a really stupid bust!  Can easily be fixed by putting a wall at [8,18], but still very stupid...

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Sorry for double posting, but I finished the pack and here is my opinion on all the levels, not just the one I made.


1: Better than I expected at first.


2: This is an unusual use of blobs, although the teleport room is slightly unfair in Lynx.


3: This seems like a decent balance between too easy and too hard teeth levels.


4: Frustrating dodging level.


5: I don't think it's busted...


6: There is an extra blue key. It's an all right level.


7: This level was probably made before CC2 was released, explaining the title. It should still be renamed if it gets in the final set. I think it's better than the CC2 Flea Market.


8: What a chaotic level!


9: I know this is supposed to be a level with a strict time limit, but it seems a little too strict. Even an extra 10 seconds would be appreciated.


10: UNEQUAL: In Lynx the pink ball does not burn, causing the eternal cloning of more balls. Other than that, it's a decent (but short) level.


11: This is a really fun level. While I hope it will be in the final set, I don't think it being the first level of CCLP4 would be the best choice. I would prefer it as level 149.


12: I get the idea, but in the end this isn't much of a challenge once you figure out the trick. The lower room is especially disappointing.


13: Clever teleport puzzle.


14: Sokobans that make you reuse the blocks are rare. This one is good.


15: Glider is hardest, blue wall is safest, fireball is best overall.


16: You got yourself trapped again? At least it's not as dangerous as last time. Excuse me while I build a rope...


17: Nothing special, really.


18: This was much harder than expected.


19: This is a tedious block pushing level without extra blocks.


20: I played this in MikeL4 when it existed. It is a good level, and unlike other levels using this concept, it doesn't feel too large.


21: Great blue wall maze. Weird password.


22: I think I played this in CCLP1 voting. It's all right, but I've seen better levels.


23: Unusual itemswapper.


24: I think this was in Po100T. It feels slightly annoying.


25: So many blue wall mazes, but this one is certainly not one of the best.


26: This is one of the levels that inspired Slime Pockets, and I think this one is better than Slime Pockets.


27: I think this was in JoshL6 and/or JCCLP2. It's really fun.


28: Weird dodging level.


29: Amazing.


30: I made this one, and Madhav pointed out the bust. Apart from that, I think it's one of my best levels.


31: A very hard, but also fun, tank level.


32: I don't think this is a very fun level.


33: A blue wall maze with only fake blue walls...


34: noooooooooooo not digging nooooooooooooooo


35: Surprisingly hard.


36: A really challenging block level. I haven't solved it yet.


37: This was in JCCLP2, and it's a good level.


38: Random luck puts two JCCLP2 levels in a row, but the previous one is better.


39: Weird maze. It's so easy...


40: Best level in voting so far.


41: That's a very easy sokoban.


42: One of the most strict levels in voting so far. The solution is insanely obvious once discovered.


43: Most walker levels are painful. This one is no different.


44: Better than Deconstruction.


45: Really unusual concept.


46: Just precise timing, but not overly long. But in the end, it's so short it doesn't really feel interesting, but longer and it would have been annoying.


47: Generic level title is generic.


48: I think I played this in CCLP1 voting. In the end, I think other levels such as Have Block Will Travel are better.


49: Just chip collecting and block pushing. Nothing more.


50: So small, yet so hard.

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I've been working on obtaining a new computer (and enjoying some non-CC content on it) for a little while, so I've been away from voting for a bit. But before all that happened, I actually finished two packs, one of which is this one, and simply neglected the writeup. So here goes nothing. :)


#1 (Busybody): As I mentioned in another voting pack thread, I appreciate when itemswappers go beyond mere swapping and are threaded together with some kind of neat aesthetic or gameplay element. This one certainly falls into that category, but I was a bit turned off by the "but wait, there's more!" surprises, particularly when the block pushing was thrown in at the end.


#5 (Busted?): No, it's not busted - it just has a few different ways to solve it that make you wonder why you may not have needed Item X in Spot Y, depending on what you do. It's not one of my favorite candidates, but I love the open nature and general "huh?" moments when you see the way some of it is laid out. Definitely a fun level.


#8 (Earthquake): Madhav mentioned Ravaged (Longbow #1) having a "creepy" vibe; this level reminds me a bit more of Frozen in Time (CCLP1 #102), which another voter had described similarly back when it was in a voting pack. I got the same feeling from this level as well, and what made It even more unsettling was that there was so much water around that it wasn't terribly far-fetched to think that a few monsters could be released Suspended Animation-style. Fortunately, that doesn't happen, but the entire level pulls off the eerie aesthetic quite well. I still prefer Ravaged, but this comes close.


#18 (Zipper): I don't hold a level's inability to be solved on the first try against itself if the discovery of the solution and retracing of one's steps happen to be fun. This level is quite tricky to figure out, but I had an absolute blast doing so, with plenty of rewarding deduction moments. The central mechanism and surrounding aesthetic are also quite brilliant. Definitely high marks from me on this one, and a level I'd love to see in the early triple-digit tier of the final set.


#19 (Islander): I love levels where you have to be careful about how you use your blocks, but this one outstays its welcome beyond the point of realization where you figure out what the solution requires. It's a neat idea, but one that levels like Measels showcased with much less tedium.


#22 (Cross Back): When it comes to introductory levels, CCLP1 had CC1-esque tutorials, CCLP2 had some rather random entries, and CCLP3 had what happened to be some of the easiest content inducted into the final set. I think CCLP4 could stand to have levels in its first two decades that are decidedly introductory in nature but that would've been a bit too difficult for similar slots in CCLP1. This is one of the ones that stood out to me the most - it has an incredibly elegant structure tied together with a neat navigation mechanism. Plus, it's just plain fun.


#31 (Chip Compactor): It's refreshing to see tank levels that go beyond being REVERSE ALLEY-esque timing studies and add some thematic flair to the mix, which this one certainly does well. A few tricky chip snatches at the beginning, but that can always be mitigated by saving them for later when the timing is less strict.


#36 (Blockage): This is one of those devious levels where the frustration is compounded by a short time limit. Some interesting challenges here, but not one of my favorites.


#38 (Holiday Trail): It's tricky to make a compelling collection-oriented level, since many tend to lean toward mindless chip-collecting or "get all the stuff under the blocks without any real restrictions" (see #49 in this pack). This one, though, has a neat aesthetic and plenty of interesting room layouts that manage to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting while not overly claustrophobic. Plus, it has a theme that we haven't exactly seen in an official level to date. Definitely a personal favorite for early CCLP4.


#45 (Serpentslayer): I'm always interested in levels that take a familiar concept and apply a new spin that hasn't been seen in many other levels before. This time, the game is monster manipulation, an idea that keeps resurfacing in many levels, including many derivative "digging" levels that don't do much beyond where this concept was explored in CCLP3. This level, though, involves not only some simple dodging, but also a fairly open, not terribly stressful teeth herding challenge at the end. Monsters disrupting monsters isn't anything new, of course, but this level did it in a way that felt like I was still in control as the player, not subjected to the whims of monster order or a tiny room size.


Favorite level: Cross Back

Least favorite level: Escaping

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Been done with this pack for a while but it seems I forgot about leaving feedback on it. :rolleyes:


3. Chopping Mall


I enjoyed this level and how it always kept me aware of where the teeth are. The order of how to use keys doesn't seem to be strict either, which is greatly appreciated and only helped better my rating.


4. Stadium Seating


The design of this is really nice but I was lost with this level once I reached the dodging sections. Those were not fun.


17. Ghost Town


We've all seen levels that make you feel like you're in a certain location and this level certainly does the job right. The aesthetics of this level are also top notch and the level itself is a nice breather from the two levels that surround this one (#16 and #18). The fact there is also no time limit just add to the feel of this level as well. I would definitely love to see this in CCLP4 as level in the mid 20's or 30's.


20. Careful Skating


This one strongly resembles a level I made that is extreme similar to this but instead uses force floors. In comparison to that level, I kind of like this one a bit more honestly but only because it's a lot easier than it looks. Between those two levels, I don't mind either of them being in CCLP4 as this one is just as fun as the one I made. :)


26. Illusion


A nicely designed level but I don't know, this level just didn't settle well with me.


34. Detonation Strategy


Not a fan of how cramped this level is. And honestly, do we really need more levels like this in a CCLP? It's still fun mind you but didn't get a high rating from me based off those two reasons.


36. Blockage


Levels like this usually catch my eye but somehow this one skipped my attention and I wish it didn't. I had a blast solving this level and the trick to solve it is definitely clever. Even with the time limit, I didn't let that affect my rating because those can always be adjusted later on. In the end, I wouldn't mind seeing this in the final set.


43. Puuf


I just love this level. <3 There hasn't quite been a level like this featured in a CCLP yet and I certainly wouldn't mind if this one made it in!


Favorite level: Repugnant Nonsense (29)

Least favorite level: Escaping (9)

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