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Bungalow Pack - Discussion

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This is the official discussion thread for CCLP4 voting's Bungalow Pack. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and comments on the levels here!

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This pack has exhausted me quite quickly, but since this thread has no feedback, I want to provide some for the levels I've played thus far. I will post some more for this pack soon!


#1 (Canal Zone): I really have no idea what the "intended" solution is or how many possible ways there are to exit, but that's why I really like this level. From what I understand, it encourages the player to think outside of one single, intended solution and rather look for any way out. At the same time, logic is used to determine what is and isn't required or even applicable.


#4 (Flow State): I enjoy this concept, and while I think this level does a good job of executing it properly, I have a few nitpicks about it - namely, the mechanism itself is a bit confusing from game view (the pink-ball-slowing-down-the-cloning-stream thing), and once you reach the "red and blue key" combination, there are two of the same doors that lead to identical rooms, and I had to restart a couple times before I realized what I was actually doing. However, that's mostly my error. The suction boots area is cleverly designed to only be traversed in a certain way, and for a puzzle this size, I think it adds to the level fittingly. I think this could easily fit into the earlier parts of CCLP4, but it's not something I'm desperate to see make the cut.


#6 (Proving Grounds): I personally think that this is a better alternative to Graduation's spot in CCLP1. However, I still don't have an idea of the difficulty curve for CCLP4 yet, and as such, if the earlier levels will mirror something closer to CC1 and CCLP1 as opposed to the almost immediate spike in CCLP3, then there's probably somewhere this level will fit. I do think that this level loses some of its value if not coupled with prior lesson levels (which I assume CCLP4 won't have), but it explores the basic concepts of CC quite thoroughly.


#8 (Sweetness and Light): I like this level a lot, namely for its versatile use of pink balls throughout the level. It also features some loose variety between objectives, like building the mini-bridge with the blocks to the next area. It's not too difficult or puzzling, but the way it revolves around its center ice square makes for an interesting design.


#9 (Stuck in a Well): This felt like a very watered down and unchallenging version of CCLP2's Deconstruction. Sorry. 


#11 (The Glider Identity): This is a level that I'm almost indifferent about - it looks quite nice, and while its puzzles are relatively fun and not overly demanding, there isn't too much thinking involved with this level, which is what I'd normally desire or at least expect out of a "focus-on-single-type-of-monster" level. However, I think it delivers excellently in terms of simplistic levels. In the end, I personally believe it's a good level, but it doesn't click with me as much as it would someone else.


#14 (Bugged Maze): Upon beginning this level and noticing the considerably high time limit, I thought that there would be some kind of clever mapping needed, but after quickly realizing that wasn't the case, this level completely lost my interest. After running around and pressing each button, the maze essentially becomes a smaller verison of BRUSHFIRE (with walls) amidst chip collecting and dodging multiple bugs. 

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Here's the rest of the feedback - a bit late, but there's only so much time left!


#18 (Duplex): Quite an interesting way to mash up variety with careful thinking. The use of blocks as barriers between rooms allows for rather creative tactics to collect chips around the level, and as the player progresses, the actual sense of progression can definitely be felt as the now vacant area becomes larger and allows more player movement throughout. This level also falls in that sweet spot of "not too short and not too long", at least for me. This is definitely a level I'd like to see in the final product.


#21 (Journey to the Center of the Earth): There's not too much to figure out here, but the ice maze is particularly interesting, and the overall level is beautiful. Not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it.


#23 (Forage Whitaker): Neat take on the "think twice before picking up an item" concept. The design is very nice, too. I really want to see this in the early part of the set.


#24 (Broken Bridge Bonanza): I think this is a decent puzzle - not too easy but not overwhelming. I find it pretty interesting.


#30 (Checkered): I would like this a bit if it were smaller, but even then, this is absolutely nothing new.


#36 (Encased in Carbonite): I don't know how to describe it... but I really like this level, and I'd really like to see it in the set at some point. 


#38 (Clearance): I thought I already played this in CC1, but now there's blocks?


#40 (Scarab): Interesting way to make a consistent block maneuvering puzzle compact. 


#49 (The Glider Ultimatum): I quite like the lock puzzle in Vulcan from CCLP3, and I feel like this level encases that concept in a slightly different way.

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