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Ported Engines and Gameplay


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  1. 1. Which ported engine is the best so far?

    • Lynx
    • MS
    • CC2

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Sorry for being out (once again) too long... I don't really play CC1 or CC2 these days. And I was surprised that the newsgroup is finally gone.




I have had played CC1 on Lynx and MS (through TW and the latter through the original 16-bit version), and as a Steam game. What do you think which engine is the closest best to the original gameplay as intended?


Thoughts, opinions and differences do count. :)

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Closest to original gameplay: TW Lynx, because it was explicitly trying to remain as accurate to the Atari Lynx as possible. There's a few minor quirks that don't behave the same between the two, but for the majority of levels they work the same.


However, I prefer playing in the (hilariously broken) MS ruleset. The unintended mechanics here tend to add to the complexity of the game and add a lot of depth for finding the best routes. Successfully executing a long string of boosting is incredibly satisfying and Lynx doesn't really have anything quite like it.


The Steam version is pretty similar to Lynx, but with less animation delay and clunkier dodging. (I feel, anyway) Not really a fan of the difference in taking objects, but overall I do prefer this to Lynx slightly just because the delay is shorter.


Accuracy: Lynx > Steam >>>>>>>>>> MS (TW) > MS (MSCC)

Fun: MS (TW) >> Steam > Lynx >>>>>>>>> MS (MSCC)

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