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Inchworm Pack - Discussion

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This is the official discussion thread for CCLP4 voting's Inchworm Pack, which contains the first batch of nominated levels by the community. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and comments on the levels here!

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#1 Earthly Expression:

Another annoying melee level.


#2 The Great Big Chip Heist:

Similar to the many puzzle levels in CCLP3 that rekindled my love for this game after finishing CC1 and trying (but disliking) CCLP2.

Only halfway through but figuring this out has been a blast so far.

If I use my first blue key to free the ball and thus the tank, I can lure the trapped teeth onto the bomb guarding the two blue keys, but am unable to escape since the thief took away my tools. If I use my first blue key to release the trap guarding the suction shoes, pressing the brown button near the teeth fails to release it, even with Chip immediately to its left. Controller and Boss Glitch?


#3 Racing:

Very interesting concept that would be educational for less experienced players.


#4 Chainloader:

Less annoying than #1.


#5 Continuum:

Spend a few seconds watching Chip slide on ice before you can press the arrow key. Unavoidable collision with pink ball. Rinse and repeat.


#6 The Trouble With Mirrors

Finally, a melee level that is not annoying or repetitive. Nevertheless, nothing special apart from the partial post.


#7 Lateral Thinker

Yet to figure out the solution, but pretty sure it will be brilliant.


#8 Merry-Go-Round II

It does feel like a merry-go-round!


#9 The Legendary Block

Only fun for those who love Sokoban levels as much as I do.


#10 Soko-Spiral

Not fun even for those who love Sokoban levels.


#11 Seeing Red

Aesthetically pleasing but not so pleasing to play when you have to constantly count your red keys.


#16 Skate Park

Not a fan, but would choose this over #28, #29 and #36.


#17 Wormhole Blockage

Just a glorified Partial Post (as in CC1 #138) with a funny message only visible in a level editor.


#20 Get the Chips Chips

Move the exit one space to the right (to make the ball more dodgeable) and this may be good enough for CCLP4.


#26 Round and Round the Garden

Itemswapper levels are getting old. Having to go round and round the garden makes this itemswapper tedious.


#28 Frozen Forethought

How do others find such ice levels fun?


#29 Blue Waffle

No. Just no.


#30 Pyro Technique

The routes that the fireballs take are more creative than most levels that use this theme.


#36 Block Skate

Not again! NEVER! See #28 and #29.


#45 Puzzling

Remove the first room (which is not a puzzle) and this would deserve to be among the easier CCLP4 levels.


#49 Honeycomb Hustling

If I wanted such repetitive melee levels, I would play some other game that specialises in them.


Other levels that look promising and I will try soon (after getting over my addiction to #2) include #14 War Paint, #15 Microprocessor, #21 Migration, #23 Judgment, #32 Fish in a Barrel and #50 Half of You, Half of Me.

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