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December 2016 Create Competition - Movie Madness

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It's that time of year again. You know, when we've all been playing through voting packs for the past few months forgoing all CC competitions, moving to another country, playing in the snow, enjoying going to the sauna, eating licorice, and getting ready for something to happen on CC Zone. Yes, now is exactly that time. And what better time to join a create competition can there be?


This time we have a pretty open theme: MOVIES. Pick a movie, make a level based on that movie and send it in!


I'll judge the competition in January so I want to spell out a few thoughts on what I'm looking for. These aren't rules set in stone, but rather just things to consider in the design.


  1. Pick a well-known movie. If it's something nobody has ever heard of, the level won't resonate with its audience.
  2. You can tell the story or part of the story. This is hard to do in CC, but if you succeed, someone can guess the movie even without other hints than the game play.
  3. Or you can try to capture the theme or feel of the movie instead. How you do this and still make the source of inspiration recognizable is up to you.
  4. Or you can also pick a setting or picture from the movie and recreate it for Chip to explore. This time around I would prefer to see some sort of story or theme in the actual game play, but this is also a possibility if that proves out of grasp.
  5. Focus on something. You can't recreate a full movie in a 32x32 map and a few minutes of game play.
  6. Keep it simple; don't overthink it. I am not looking for great puzzles with this one, but an experience that talks to me in other ways.
  7. The little things make it work. Think of the name; it doesn't need to be the exact name of the movie, but obviously keep it related to the movie. Maybe include a hint that adds flavor.
  8. Ask. You can talk about your idea here in the thread or directly to me privately. I think discussion can lead to a better end product and create some fun expectation for what is to come.
  9. Finally, get it done. It's no good if you have a great grandiose plan and concept but never cut it down to something you manage to create before the year is over. Make me happy by sending in what you have, anything! :)


Email and attach your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com. I will strive to reply with a confirmation that I have received your entry. I prefer if you use your username and this competition in the subject. Keep it short and simple, something like: "December Create - DTrump"


I know it's the end of the year for now, but I hope this is the start of a good run of competitions again. Enjoy the season!




And here are some more specifics if you need them:


-Submissions are open through January 1st 2017 where you live!

-The level must be solvable, but does not need to work in both MS and Lynx. You may even use invalid tiles if you wish. No CC2 this time around.
-The level must be new; it must not have been released earlier. Please don't share the level before the competition is over.-You may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other. Your best two entries is recommended.

-Please give the level a cool name, time limit and set a password.

-Points may be deducted for late entries, but will be accepted until I judge the levels.

-Entrants receive the normal prizes: the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants.

-Please ask about other unclear situations. Sometimes during a previous competition similar situations may have already been discussed.



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Ready for some results? :)


1. Ihavenoname248 15pts Flight of the Prince
2. geodave_______ 12pts No One Can Tell You
3. rubenspaans___ 10pts Aliens in a Cargo Bay


Congratulations! Thanks for the participants. This time I had to rank the levels in the order I received them because the other two came in so late it would have felt unfair to judge them all on the same line. The first level is a weird race against the clock, but it is solvable in both MS and Lynx, and the mechanism is pretty if you study it. The second level is not easy to figure out, but there is something tricky with the keys that I can't say I have seen exactly like this anywhere else. Both these levels fail a little bit for me to connect to a movie as was the task. The third level does this part a bit better, and the game play is straight-forward, but it's not much of a challenge overall. If it sounds like I'm saying none of these levels are the pinnacle of design innovation, then I should actually take the blame on myself for providing a poor theme to inspire you. Sorry for the delay in these results, and still thanks for giving me a chance to play your creations!


And here are the levels in question.


What about the Chip Cup? It was a close race between Ihavenoname248 and myself. We took turns through the year holding the lead and ended up with twice the amount of points than third place. But who came out on top after these results? After going back and checking the calculations, the winner, with 101 points, is...


a TIE! Yes, we both end up at the same amount of Chip Cup points. Granted, Jeffrey actually had three wins and I only had two, so I'll list you first in the ranking, but I guess we share the Cup for the year! Great job both of us! :)




Let's make 2017 just as memorable or even more so than 2016! None of us could do it alone, so I hope to see you all still playing some CC!



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