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January Mini Time Trial - Twice the Fun

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As we wait for a proper Time Trial, here's a more casual one. :)


Just solve the second level, Twice the Fun, and post your scores below. We'll figure out the rest later, but I think this is a shorter competition that is open through Sunday.



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About time I compile these results and give away some Chip Cup points!


This year I'm adjusting the rewards given away for attending a mini competition compared to last year, which will enable us to run more of these while keeping their relative impact on the totals reasonable. Something like this:
 3 Chip Cup points for reporting the bold. Who does it first may not matter.
 2 Chip Cup points for reporting a score that requires effort.
 1 Chip Cup point for participation otherwise.
For this first one, as I did not announce this new scheme, I hope nobody will be offended if I award every participant 3 Chip Cup points!
Here's the summary:
 Twice the Fun
3pts Ihavenoname248 (535 MS)
3pts J.B. Lewis____ (535 MS, 530 Lynx)
3pts James_________ (535 MS)
3pts M11k4_________ (534 MS, 530 Lynx)
3pts rubenspaans___ (530 Lynx)
3pts RB3ProKeys____ (521 MS)
Thanks for indulging me in this little level of mine. I did discover that it was not quite as fun as I had hoped when making the level, but that kind of feedback really was why I wanted to use the level in the first place. If you have levels like this that you'd like to see someone optimize, don't be afraid to propose them for this type of a mini comp :)

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