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CCLP4 Announcement: Voting Deadline Reminder!

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Greetings, chipsters! The CCLP4 staff would like to remind you that we're slowly approaching the end of the CCLP4 voting period, with roughly just one month left! Voting is scheduled to end April 30th, 2017 at 11:59 pm EDT!

We're pleased to say that so far, 17,614 votes have casted so far, across 35 unique voters. That's 2,000 more than at the time of the initial announcement, with most voting packs receiving at least 1 additional vote! However, we still need more to make CCLP4 the best official set possible! Specifically, there are still some packs that need votes compared to some others. Below is a list of how many votes each pack has received two months ago, when the voting deadline was announced and how many they currently have today:


Numbers highlighted in blue indicate how many votes a pack had on January 26

Numbers highlighted in green indicate how many votes a pack has today (March 28)


Waffle Pack - 18 / 21
Elephant Pack - 18  / 20
Hillside Pack - 17  / 18
Zygote Pack - 15  / 16
Ravioli Pack - 15  / 16
Microwave Pack - 13  / 14
Utility Pack - 14 / 15
Kangaroo Pack - 16 / 17
Cobalt Pack - 11  / 12
Quagmire Pack - 11  / 12
Tornado Pack - 12  / 12
Yodel Pack - 11  / 11
Longbow Pack - 12 / 12
Souvenir Pack - 12  / 12
Fusion Pack - 12 / 13
Xenon Pack - 9  / 10
Bungalow Pack - 9  / 10
Gazebo Pack - 9  / 10
Platypus Pack - 8  / 8
Justice Pack - 6 / 8
Obstacle Pack - 8  / 9
Nightshade Pack - 6 / 10
Voltage Pack - 8  / 11
Dandelion Pack - 7  / 11
Acropolis Pack - 5 / 7
Inchworm Pack - 5  / 8
Pineapple Pack - 4  / 6
Expansion Pack - 5  / 8


As you can see above, some packs have unfortunately not received any votes since two months ago, some even longer. Because of this, the voting pack names highlighted in violet are ones we would really like to get more votes for, to maintain some kind of balance to the levels found in those packs compared to those that have more votes. Please focus on the highlighted packs if you're still voting! We would love to reach 20,000 total votes casted, if not more!

Again, if you cannot vote on every level, please don't be discouraged from voting entirely or feel rushed. Your votes do matter and will help how the final set could potentially look! To keep you all interested and to those who have completed or near completed voting, we the CCLP4 staff feel it is fair to have some fun and spoil a bit of the current voting results for you, which you can read below! Nothing is too revealing though ;)

Please note that we currently only have a limited list of results at this time and anything spoiled here may not necessarily be accurate when voting is over.




  • There is a level which every fun rating is a 4. Coincidentally, there is also a level which every difficulty rating is also a 4.
  • There is one level that holds three 1 fun ratings, yet is in the top 100.
  • The level with the most 5 fun ratings has 13 of them, but is not the highest rated level in fun.
  • The current top 10 rated levels consists of levels by six different designers.
  • The 35th ranked level in fun has a single 1 fun rating.
  • One level in our available list has a total of 26 votes in fun.
  • The level rated easiest has an average difficulty rating of 1.40, whereas the level rated hardest has an average difficulty rating of 4.46.
  • The 3rd and 4th highest rated levels come from a single voting pack. They also both have the same amount of individual fun ratings.
  • The 144th ranked level is a force floor themed level.
  • If the level ranked 212th in fun had its average fun rating increased by just 0.1 point, it would gain 63 positions and rise into the top 149.



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We are in the home stretch everyone! With just roughly 4 days left to vote, we've seen quite the change in the voting results :) majority of the voting packs have received lots more votes and still currently are, which has for the most part, balanced out the results a bit more than before. There are a couple packs we'd still like extra focus on, mainly the Xenon, Obstacle, and Pineapple packs, as those are the only three to not have 12 total votes yet! Hillside also hasn't received any additional votes since the announcement made above which could also be considered to those who have not looked thoroughly at it.


That's all! Continue voting and make a difference in the final set's production!

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