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I suppose I should make a topic for this.


This is my second CC2 set. It currently has 12 levels.


All levels should be solvable, but let me know of any issues. Feedback is welcome.


I'll be updating both this and Bronze, my first set, as they are both incomplete (I have been focusing on CC1 since I released my first set, with CCLP4 and all).



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Great to see new levels from you (Y)

Lets have a look at them:

Really easy, it's all about bringing a block through moving blue tanks, it's a fun to play level :)

Going once through the force floor bowling ball section is ok, having to do it a second time just makes the level really repetitive and overall imo worse.

I'm not quite sure what the intention of the level is, you can just run to the exit without doing anything special, feels busted/not working as intended.

A simple pop down / blue wall maze, I'm not a big fan of those just try everything levels, but it is short enough to be somewhat fun.

The idea is nice and simple however it would be enough without the red key and door, this way it is more tedious block pushing and pulling, without adding to much to the level.

Really cool idea (Y) really easy yet fun to play.

A nice level, I like it, even though it reminded me a lot of a great level in Mobi's Challenge, with several Melindas and red teleports getting activated which I probably prefer slightly, especially since there is some puzzle/exploration involved, and no tedious block pushing.

I like the idea a lot, not so much the blob room, the first time, around they did block quite a few moves, and therefore no chance to finish, the second time just some, and I was able to get to the exit with a second left, but I don't like if randomness screws you over.

I like the idea of the level, but the time limit here is way to short. Your time limits are generally not that generous, but here it's simply not enough - doubling the time limit would probably a good choice. The walker room is annoying and I'm not a particular fan of the teeth part, especially at the end of the level.

Well, I'm not a particular fan of hiding stuff under blocks, yet this level shows how you can make a good level using this idea :)

It's a fine level and fun to play :cool:
Just at the start, are six bombs really necessary - it feels a.bit repetitive, perhaps four or so would be enough...

I had a lot of fun playing through the level, and I would definitely like to see more, especially more puzzle heavy levels and sections, like the revolving door part in room by room,... - and perhaps even overall slightly more difficult levels :rolleyes:

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This set has been updated with eight new levels and edits to existing ones. It now has 20 levels and is planned to be complete at 40.

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I started playing this pack.

Great levels here! I like the overall simple design of each, they were fun to play. The biggest minus is I would say they could use some more decoration but that is a minor thing.

I liked Maze Ablaze a lot. Step was one of my favorites too.

Ruins: Good concept but I felt this one was actually a little too easy. But maybe I just got lucky (in finding the eye fairly quickly).

Network: one of my favorites, I love this concept; I even got the bonus.


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1. Blaze Maze:

Interesting use of a maze to start off the level. I like the bonus flags though, 6/10

2. Circle of life:

Three times around its too many thanks 3/10. Once: 7/10, Twice: 5/10

3. Forest:

My original thoughts on the level were "oh no" but the aesthetics are nice and the level itself isn’t too tedious. 7/10

4. Maneuver:

Finally a good hook level. Gets the level concept across nicely. Misses the chance to use an AND gate however :P ... 10/10

5. Electrical Wire:

Somehow took a cc2 main game level concept and made it worse. Short level though so 2/10

6. Step:

Interesting concept, very good uses of different “dodging”. Blue key dodging felt a little unnecessary but wasn’t overly difficult. Score bonuses used well. 10/10

7. Ruins:

Started out not liking the level, found a few helpful items. Turned into a good level. 9/10

8. Around:

Interesting level… Seems more like a filler one to me, but the concepts worked nicely together. Everything meshed well so… 7/10.

9. Matrix:

Wow. The level practically completes itself and then you can’t exit. 0/10

10. Snatch:

Annoying level in general. teeth bait was shown better in "a little help" after this one. 0/10

11. A little help:

Good level, I like the teeth baiting, and the set up required for the path. Scary ending but doable. 8/10

12. Fire Hazards:

Good level. The use of balls as a visual aid as well as the different fire rows lighting up gave a good indication of when it would be safe. 9/10

13. Checkpoints:

Really don’t know what to say for this one… swivel maze DansGame, Block Maze DansGame, Key Thief with invisible walls maze, and finish it over with another maze… DansGame 3/10

14. Everglades:

Bonus points for having good quality aesthetic working with each other. Negative points for basically being a blue wall maze where the blue walls don’t disappear. 3/10

*15. Control:

Interesting level idea, but that’s gonna be a no from me. 2/10

16. Acamp-oh!:

What is going on in this level? 1/10

17. Room by room:

Annoying to solve. Good concepts and using the rooms together, wish the end was a little less screw up able, and the green teleporters are used far too often much. As is the level is: 4/10 Switch the railroad and the green teleports? 6/10, rework those things entirely? 8/10.

*18. Whisper:

https://i.imgur.com/41CkDS0.png Biggest lie of my life. 3/10.

*19. Thief, you’ve taken all that was key:

Good planning required for the level to work properly. Good incorporation of a sokoban at the start of the level. 6/10. That was written before making it through the key start. Didn’t go past there. 2/10

20. Dystopia:

Good level, very cool concept behind it. Block hooking could be shorter, but utilizes the hook well fortunately but whatever. Hint tile would be useful. 9/10.

*21. Railyard:

No RR sign found within the first 5 seconds. Conditionally bad maze with dodging. 2/10

22. Red Key Dungeon:

Interesting leadup, was dreading having to come all the way back until the helmet was given. Time limit idea is good, made the level into an exciting end with the helmet. 10/10

*23. The Blue Room:

A maze where everything looks the same. Pink gender tiles would make this level playable. 1/10

*24. Primed:

Didn’t make it past the second block puzzle I will admit, but I saw another one. That’s at least two too many. Just because you make an all directional block doesn’t change the puzzle thanks. 3/10 for the cool reversing concept.

*25. Network:

Oh boy logic gates. Oh boy a red teleport. Sea of water… oh. Yeah no. 1/10

*26. Fire Tunnel:

5 switches to lead eventually to an exit. That’s probably 3 too many, and that’s not counting anything past the original five if any exist. 1/10

*27. Jungle Outpost:

Interesting concept once again. But resident sleeper. I’ll take a hard pass on this one. 3/10

*28. Immovable Object:

Didn’t make it past the first block section gg tbh. ?/?

*29. Pharaoh:

Sokobans are sokobanned thanks. 2/10

30. Overflow:

I’ll give you this one because its cute. Cute take on a maze. 6/10




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I can't play the pack normally atm; it won't open saying there's a problem with the level "Pharaoh.c2m". Invalid pack error.  Removing this level doesn't help either

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