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I suppose I should make a topic for this.


This is my second CC2 set. It currently has 12 levels.


All levels should be solvable, but let me know of any issues. Feedback is welcome.


I'll be updating both this and Bronze, my first set, as they are both incomplete (I have been focusing on CC1 since I released my first set, with CCLP4 and all).



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Great to see new levels from you (Y)

Lets have a look at them:

Really easy, it's all about bringing a block through moving blue tanks, it's a fun to play level :)

Going once through the force floor bowling ball section is ok, having to do it a second time just makes the level really repetitive and overall imo worse.

I'm not quite sure what the intention of the level is, you can just run to the exit without doing anything special, feels busted/not working as intended.

A simple pop down / blue wall maze, I'm not a big fan of those just try everything levels, but it is short enough to be somewhat fun.

The idea is nice and simple however it would be enough without the red key and door, this way it is more tedious block pushing and pulling, without adding to much to the level.

Really cool idea (Y) really easy yet fun to play.

A nice level, I like it, even though it reminded me a lot of a great level in Mobi's Challenge, with several Melindas and red teleports getting activated which I probably prefer slightly, especially since there is some puzzle/exploration involved, and no tedious block pushing.

I like the idea a lot, not so much the blob room, the first time, around they did block quite a few moves, and therefore no chance to finish, the second time just some, and I was able to get to the exit with a second left, but I don't like if randomness screws you over.

I like the idea of the level, but the time limit here is way to short. Your time limits are generally not that generous, but here it's simply not enough - doubling the time limit would probably a good choice. The walker room is annoying and I'm not a particular fan of the teeth part, especially at the end of the level.

Well, I'm not a particular fan of hiding stuff under blocks, yet this level shows how you can make a good level using this idea :)

It's a fine level and fun to play :cool:
Just at the start, are six bombs really necessary - it feels a.bit repetitive, perhaps four or so would be enough...

I had a lot of fun playing through the level, and I would definitely like to see more, especially more puzzle heavy levels and sections, like the revolving door part in room by room,... - and perhaps even overall slightly more difficult levels :rolleyes:

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