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CCLP4 Propaganda

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I am stuck again in CCLP4. I pretty much got the mechanics of Propaganda (135) but I can't make it to the exit. Specifically I can't cover the trap button that controls the left trap.


Now I know that both traps must be open to get the green key. Also the tank covering the trap button initially has to bounce back in order to get both the yellow keys so you don't get trapped in that little room. Prior to that I've bounced the tank again for the green key.


The only thing that I don't get is getting to the exit. I just can't get that trap button closed. Plus I know that the block has to blow up the bomb.


I need assistance for this level too.

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What you have left is what i feel is the essence of the level. Kinda hard to give a hint without giving too much away. For now, i recommend spending a little more time on it.


Fun fact: This level is currently unsolvable in Chuck's Challenge 3D.

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