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When will the CCLP4 storyline be released?

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Playing CCLP4 in my spare time and completed 66 levels so far. CCLP4 has been...slightly underwhelming.


Perhaps thoroughly enjoying CCLP3 and CCLP1 has set my expectations too high. Playing through a few voting packs (which I did not do for CCLP3 or CCLP1) may also have clouded by judgment, as a few favourites (like Exit Plan, The Day The World Was Supposed to End and Soko-Thief) did not make the cut.


However, the most important and least subjective factor may be how CCLP4 was released. Without a storyline and took me half a day to realise that it was downloadable from CCZone as I was repeatedly refreshng http://jamesa7171.net/cclp4/.


Any idea when the storyline would be released?

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