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old cczone archive. PLUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

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but the announcement is that im making a verson of ms-dos called Miner-Dos

the pre installed apps for it are...



Chips Challenge

Windows 3.1 English with Japanese Support and Miner Backgrounds




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Sadly, I wouldn't call that an archive, but a snapshot of the front page. Still nice to see it, but what we're really missing is the content on the boards themselves.
Anyone Really should share that when they can.

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Wow, I poke my head in and I'm assaulted by my terrible old skin design. Sorry for that CSS everyone.

I have need to dig through some old hard drives soon, so I will keep an eye open for some old (Invisionfree) CCZone save files. I used to like to do that sort of thing, so I might just have something saved.

(BTW, yes I still lurk on occasion.)

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