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I made a topic for this set years ago, but I deleted it. So here's a new one.

JCCLPRejects is a levelset of mine that is only found and updated on pieguy's site.


It consists of various levels I have made but were rejected for one reason or another. Some were either in JCCLP1 or 2 but were replaced at some point with better levels. Some are just small test levels to test out a specific concept. And some were made for an actual JoshL set (3-7 mostly) but didn't meet a certain design standard of mine. Reasons as to why these levels were rejected can be found in the comments section on the link above. Not every level contains this information though due to the fact that I simply just don't remember why I rejected some of these.

There are also some other levels, such as ridiculous rip offs of official levels with a twist, levels made to refer to some inside joke, or just random stuff I decided to make for fun.

It currently holds 209 levels - the recent update (today) includes my 17 part CCLP4 Abridged series and an additional level that was originally meant to be part of JoshL7.

Otherwise, enjoy! You can post your scores on pieguy's site as well if you wish. :)

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