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I made 17 levels for CC2

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Playing your levels was a lot of fun :)
You should consider adjusting the map size to the actual level size, and add a c2g file.

LIGHT BITE: I like the level (Y), and it would be a nice easy puzzle without the hint.
SIR, YES SIR!; Rally easy and short. Not too much to say about it.
1 IN 100: Such levels do exist. Not a big fan of it.
WHO YOU GONNA CALL?: Again really short monster dodger.
OPEN THE GATES: I don't understand your hint, you used an xor and an and gate, not a nand.
LET'S DANCE!: A bit random and tedious.
CLOCK WISE: I like the idea :cool:, yet there is quite a bit of waiting involved, perhaps make the top track shorter or the opening in the middle wider.
TRUST: Perhaps move the final room a bit to the left, so that there is vision of the second helmet, but fun and short.
BHUT JOLOKIA: I'm never a big fan of hidden information, so hiding buttons under blocks is not necessary, but the whole level is just a red herring anyhow, yet since it's really small, it was fun :)
BLOCK MANOEUVRES: The puzzle is really easy, but I like it, yet again you don't give the player vision of what to do, so you are forcing a restart without reason.
ICE CUBES: I really like the puzzle part at the start with the 8 ice blocks :cool:, sadly the rest is tedious block pushing, especially since your loops are relatively long. Why should it be a good idea to let the player run up and down 5 times?
KILLER ANT'S NEST: Not my type of level.
PERFECT CIRCUIT: Not a lot to do here, just push 0-4 blocks on buttons, hmmm...
INTERVENTION REQUIRED: Doing 20 times the exact same thing, not too much fun.
ESCORT MISSION: I really like the level (Y), the two extra blocks at the blue tank area are not necessary and I don't see why they are there.
DON'T GET SLIMED: Not my type of level.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I will remove the level one hint, it's straight-forward enough for players to figure out.

DETENTION CENTRE ESCAPE+KILLER ANT'S NEST: These are actually meant to be less-tedious versions of the equivalent levels I made for CC1.

ESCORT MISSION: Looking at the level again I see my mistake. I had meant to intend that no blocks should have been able to be carried past the green slime room.


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