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The Walls of CCLP2

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A brand new CC2 level pack by mobius, Inspired by Joshua Bone's "Walls of CC1" I decided to take on a similar project; for CCLP2!

All of these levels are modeled directly after the levels from CCLP2 (the first big community pack of CC1). My overall rules and goals aren't exactly like Josh's WOCC1. I haven't always kept the level size 32x32 or left the walls untouched. But every level I've either tried to keep the basic overall shape or use a similar concept but CC2-ify it. Hopefully those familair with CCLP2 may be able to recognize the levels. The levels will be in the same order as the original pack so the difficulty curve may be all over the place as I'm not really trying to order the levels based on this; but since many of the earlier levels of CCLP2 were smaller and simpler these beginning levels ended up rather easier anyway.

There are no tutorial levels however; I recommend getting a at least a decent understanding of the game mechanics before playing.

CCLP2 was probably the first custom pack I played back in the day so this is very nostalgic for me. I also found it incredibly helpful for getting into making new levels again; after a very long writer's block. It was a very fun project and I definitely will be continuing it. There are currently 26 levels complete. The end goal is all 149; though I have no idea if I will be able to complete it or when.
Thanks to Josh for the idea and other people here at CCZone for playing and giving feedback and advice. All feedback is welcomed, positive or negative. If a level is too easy or too hard; especially if it's busted, unfair or doesn't work properly I want to know.




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I have solved all 26 levels.  Overall, I really liked this set so far.  One interesting thing is that, in some cases, you not only preserve the original wall layout, but also other tiles; I generally like the results.  Also, your frequent use of coloured walls and floors makes the levels look much better than their CC1 counterparts.

1: It is a good dodging level and maze, I got the full bonus.

2: A cool puzzle, and I love the title :D

3: The tank puzzle is really creative, and it's a nice use of ghosts erasing fire. It could use a longer time limit though.

4: Quite fun :)

5: Better than I expected. Generally I don't like levels that use train crossings like this, but this one was good.

6: I liked this level.  I might have busted it, though: I solved using very few blocks and without the hook.

7: Awesome track puzzle.

8: This is an interesting twist on the original level.  I did not attempt the full bonus, though.

9: This is a really fun puzzle, and a nice use of the "hide logic" feature.  I got the full bonus.

10: A clever puzzle; a nice way to use toggle chips.

11: When I first saw the level, I expected it to be tedious, but I was pleasantly surprised, and it turned out to be quite fun, a great use of the hook.

12: I hated the original level, but this one was awesome.  The speed boots help with all the running in long hallways, and it was very satisfying to blow up the walls.

13: An interesting red teleport puzzle.  I did not get the bonus...

14: This is a great use of yellow tanks, a really great level, one of my favourites in the set.

15: Speed boots <3 I like the use of swivel doors for flicking blocks; I used that in one of my levels too.  I might have busted it, though, by dropping the speed boots right in front of the walker clone machines, stopping the cloning. 

16: I'm still confused as to how the wiring of flame jets works :( It's a fun level though.

17: Bribes are an underused tile; it's nice to see them used here.  Also the ghosts with speed boots, awesome :D

18: Collecting the chips was very easy, and the mimic didn't cause any problems.  The last part, to get it to blow up the bomb, was nice.

19: I love the starting room, as well as the directional block and blob rooms.  The ball/trap room was difficult but fun.  The walker room was slightly annoying though.  I got the full bonus.

20: A really simple level, and I got the full bonus.

21: Perhaps the hardest level in the set.  But I love how you retain the second Chip from the original level, and the solution is very creative.  However, I managed to exit the level with two extra green keys.

22: A great high-speed puzzle.  It's nice to see many levels here use speed boots, considering they only appeared once in the original set.  I got the full bonus.

23: Your yellow tank mechanism is awesome.  The various puzzles are fun, but I might have found a bust: the yellow tank is not required to clone the blocks (or is this intentional?)

24: A fun puzzle; I like the use of yellow teleports.

25: A nice twist on the original level, a good use of ghosts, and I like how there are extra chips.  I got the full bonus.

26: This is the only level that I didn't like, I'm afraid.  The turtle room is quite fun, and so is the final puzzle (good use of a helmet here), but the starting puzzle is quite tedious and easy to cook; I did not attempt the bonus.

I will be looking forward to future updates; so far it's great :chipwin:

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thanks very much for the feedback!!! :D
level 6: I plan to alter this level quite a bit. Version 1 isn't what originally intended but I couldn't work it out at the time.

level 11: I personally find it a bit tedious actually. I'd like to make it smaller or less tedious somehow but not sure how without altering the original layout greatly. I like how it requires you to manage how/where you put the blocks so I may not change it.
15: that is not a bust: It's supposed to be pretty open-ended. I really couldn't think of much for this one so I decided to make it a simple melee dodging level. I'm not sure the cloner is really necessary actually as you can solve it pretty quickly before many walkers clone.

18: based on your comments maybe I'll make this one harder.

19: I'll make the walker room smaller.

20: I struggled to come up with something good for this level. I might change it slightly or make something new altogether.

21: I'm aware all keys aren't necessary. I got frustrated coming up with a good key puzzle.

23: That mimic/tank device I first saw in a Joshua Bone's level.
Gah! Dumb bust. I'll fix that. I also don't really like how you can easily die doing that incorrectly (the non-bust way) so I might change that as well.


I currently have a couple of new levels almost done and as stated I may fix some existing ones in the next update.

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uploaded new version (if this works like I think it does; first post should link to correct place).

Version 2.0 is released!

Thank you to everyone that played and gave feedback.

notes/hints: [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
The levels near the beginning may be easy but for the most part I intend to start creating tougher levels. If you want easier levels try my earlier pack 'Mobi's Challenge'

All bonuses have been confirmed solvable except on levels: 15, 22, 26.

1 FULL STEAM AHEAD/A Fleeting Memory
I struggled for a while to come up with something easy for this large level. I wanted to the first level of the pack to be easy; so I came up with this.
v2: decreased time limit (was too easy to get bonus)

2 NANCY'S TEETH COLLECTION/Naomi's Bug Collection
The theme is teeth avoision and manipulation. It's not trivial but still pretty simple.

A small hodge-podge level. Nothing real fancy going on here except the ghost/fire room (which relies on a behavior which I'm not sure is well known)

4 MAY I CUT IN?/ForceWorld
Simple level with some helmet and bowling ball action.
v2: decreased time limit

5 PAIN TRAIN/Suction Ride
Simple but a little bit of though required. Most of the lower part is only there for bonus.

6 A NOT SO PERFECT MATCH/Fixing the Toggle Switch
I redid this level (v2). The goal here is perhaps easy to see but might be hard to execute. Actually there is a simple trick which makes it fairly easy to execute: look for visual clues to help you see this. I'm really curious how difficult/manageable this puzzle is.
The whole water area with blocks and chips is for bonus only.

7 DERAILED/Slightly Mad
I really liked the appearance of Slightly Mad so I tried to keep something very close to that; and wound up with a (mostly) straightforward track maze.
v2: altered the maze quite a bit (was too straightforward for my taste before) but theme and structure is the same and increased time limit. Also removed tracks that lead to death.

8 SEA OF SLIME/Use the Fish
push blocks through slime puzzle. Probably not as tough as "In the Slime" despite being larger. There are lots of bonuses (some are out of sight).
V2: changed title, increased time limit

Hopefully not too aggravating. The force floors keep switching direction. Just run around and collect the chips.

10 THE GRASS IS GREENER/Who needs a flipper?
A puzzle involving green bombs, teeth, Chip and Melinda switching. I'm not real proud of this one; I might change it later if I can come up with a better concept for this level.

11 CLEAN YOUR PLATE/Deconstruction
a hook level. Not so much a sokoban but more of a block space and time management puzzle. The time limit might seem long but can count down quick if you waste a lot of time and don't think ahead. Remember not to block your path to the exit and the frame blocks can be destroyed in the slime.

The Speed boots really help make a big level more bearable. The decorative walls help a lot as well imo. You don't need all the of the TNTs.

13 TURN ON SWITCH ON/The Serial Port
a simple red teleport maze. You might easily waste the bowling ball in the wrong spot; but the level is short and doesn't take long. Bowling ball is for the bonus.

Tank mania #1 (of maybe more...?) If you want the bonus, examine the starting area.

15 RUNNER UP/Debug File
I am guilty of not really changed much from the original level here. Just a simple melee dodging challenge. I have NOT confirmed the bonuses on this level. Please let me know if they are possible; or if you think they aren't (they should be...)

16 A FIRE THAT BURNS/Paw Print Isle
Another of my favorite originals (Paw Print Isle). An ice block/flame jet (very simple) puzzle. Due to how orange buttons connect I could not retain the original layout of blocks. Funny note: I almost released this level without the thin walls around the exit path thus enabling a very dumb bust.

17 RE-ENTRY/Double Trouble
Slightly more complicated hodge-podge level. You must look for bribes first before collecting items. Simple wiring can have multiple teleports go to one. Look out for speedy ghosts and an off-screen mechanism opens the path the exit automatically when you collect all the chips.

A Maze with a floor mimic (not unfairly hidden as you'll see).
v2: was too easy so I removed some walls so mimic has more freedom.

19: STRANGER THAN FRICTION/A Sample of Things to Come
A hodge-podge level similar to the original. Bonus at the end for the careful player.
v2: made walker room easier to deal with.

20: RANDOM WALKS/Ranger Denmark
v2: Changed title and overall theme of level (but kept it slightly similar).
Actually; originally in level 19 Stranger than Friction I had an ant in the force floor room but found it too annoying in a level like that; but I still like the concept so put it to work here.

21: BOWL-A-RAMA/Block Away!
A good understanding of bowling balls and clone machines will help here. The wire mechanism on the right makes blocks fill up the "lanes" area. It only does one thing; you can't change this. You can however prevent the blocks from blocking beneath the clone machines...

Fast-paced time challenge. Not too different from the original layout. If you're really quick there are bonuses. The canopy area has bonuses and time bonuses; no danger (apart from wasting time).

23: COLD LAZARUS/traps I
Yellow tank device I first saw in a Joshua Bone level. The water path after the socket might look dangerous but if you go through it quickly you should be fine.
v2: fixed bust near end.

24 JOTUN/Sudden Death
One of my favorites from CCLP2. Title is a tribute to another level designer from another community.
Pretty simple hodge-podge level; hardest part is the yellow teleports.

25 SILENT CIRCUS/Race for the Chips
Another favorite from CCLP2. I had many ideas for this one but some of them I  really couldn't get working. This one is pretty simple but I really like the monster pattern. There are safe spots everywhere and extra chips

26: BLOCKUS/Work Fast
v2: changed first two rooms and title. Based on chipster's comments and my own feeling that the first room wasn't very original.
fire/ice block puzzles may seem difficult until you get experienced with them. Then they become pretty easy. This puzzle is very easy but getting the bonus is tough. Both bonuses in the fire are definitely possible; I got them once but I've since forgotten how. The secret eye hints that there are hidden bonuses elsewhere.

27 LOVE AND THEFT/Frozen Floors
Requires dropping items on empty no signs. -For those unaware: doing so causes that item to permanently stay there. A Couple of easy/medium difficult puzzles here wrapped up in an overall puzzle. I'm very uncertain about how difficult this level is.

28 not yet finished

29 GIVE ME SHELTER/Fire and Water
Similar concept to my level 'Barricade' from Mobi's Challenge. Make a barricade with blocks to protect yourself from the storm of fireballs. Inspired by the survival contest/challenge from years ago. I managed to get the timing right on the mechanism for this on the very first try.
The fireballs come and go on a regular interval.

30 MY CLOWN'S ON FIRE/Chase Race
A variety obstacle course with lots of bonus rooms. Time is a little tight but there are bonus clocks at every bonus room.
I wanted to remain more faithful to the original layout but some things (like interactions with blocks and tanks in teleports) forced me to make some changes to the wall structure here.
Title is a song by the "Lounge Lizards"
31 SWIVEL TOMBS/Well of Wishes
A swivel door themed level. Hardest part is probably the small enemy rooms in the upper right. If you take your time and study the patterns first it shouldn't be too bad; doesn't really require a lot of quick reflexes. Also be careful at the puzzle at the end.

32 (not yet complete)

33 THE BIG BLOCK QUEST/The big button quest
Carry one block through an obstacle course. Always look ahead before pushing the block (needless to say); though I tried to eliminate surprises as much as possible (unlike the original CCLP2 cough cough)

A Simple chip collecting level. No real puzzles, no chance of death; just a breather level for decoration and relaxation.

35 (actually level 49) QUANTUM LEAP/Just a minute!!
You need to understand a few important points about the yellow teleport and ghosts to solve this level fairly:
-ghosts can pick up and drop yellow teleporters but for some reason have restrictions that other items don't;
-the yellow teleport will only be picked up if it's destination is blocked in the direction of ghost's travel. (OR there's no other y teleport on the field).
-when encountering a fifth item, the ghost will ONLY drop the y teleport if another one is on the field AND unblocked in direction of ghost's travel.
-And importantly; it must be unblocked for CHIP, NOT A GHOST. This means for example even though ghosts should go through walls; if you place the first y teleport next to a wall in the direction of ghosts's travel the ghost won't drop it.  
-If this is the case the y teleport will be skipped and the next item in the ghost's inventory will be dropped instead.

Unfortunately these points are not exactly intuitive and there's no easy way to demonstrate this in game.

Besides all this; let me know how intuitive/non-intuitive the rest of the level is.


A CC2 take on the old "security system device". ...Which could've been much more elaborate, well there are plenty more levels left......
Anyways; you must step on the wires with the lightening bolt; only while they are active, or lots of teeth will attack. On the final part; you're forced to step on a long section of wire so you must disable the "security system" first.


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I played and solved most of the new levels, and overall I liked them :) I also replayed the levels that have been modified in the new version.

1: I like the change. I still got full bonus, but it was much harder, and I only had 2 seconds left when I exited.

4: The decreased time limit was all right.

6: This is a massive improvement. The puzzle is very clever, and I like the blank space tiles. The added bonus rooms were also great; I got the full bonus.

7: Overall, I think the changes are good.

18: I like the changes, but this level was still very easy.

19: The walker room is better now, I think. Also I don't recall seeing the bonus flags in the blob room in the previous version; I think they are a nice addition.

20: This is really a massive improvement, really creative.

26: I really like the new starting room, and the presence of the eye tool to spot the bonus flags.

27: The ghost part was really creative and fun. The starting/ending room had me completely stumped, and it took me a long time to figure out how to handle it, but it was fun, and the concept is creative. In the end, my bonus was of 200.

29: This is a really fun puzzle, and a good use of the hook. I managed to get the full bonus.

31: I like most uses of swivel doors in this level; the yellow key and tank rooms are especially creative. However, the bug dodging is overly difficult; I only made it through once, and died on the way back. Therefore I have not solved this level.

33: The puzzles are really clever. The yellow tank and red teleport mechanisms are amazing, and the hook is very well-used.

34: This was great. In most situations I don't like long chip-collecting levels, but this one was really fun and creative. The track puzzle is perhaps my favourite part of the entire level, and I like how you put some area control buttons in the toggle section.

49: I haven't solved this one yet.

53: This is a really awesome concept, it's really creative. I think it's busted though: by dropping the lightning bolt during the final passage, it is possible to exit without disabling the security system.

So far, a really great set :)

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sweet feedback, thanks!!! :D

53: can you please elaborate on how exactly you busted it? I don't see how it's possible to exit without the lightening bolt. Unless I somehow uploaded an incorrect version. There should be a wired door in front of the exit requiring the lighting bolt to open it.

I have, however, just figured out you can easily make 'mistakes' on the final path without setting off the system, but not sure why this doesn't work on the first part...

thanks again for the feedback; very helpful.

I discussed this on discord: it's actually an arguably harder solution than what's intended, so I will leave it alone.

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I don't saw any bust in this regard in this level when playing it (Y)

And again nice levels with good ideas :)

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21 hours ago, H2O said:

I don't saw any bust in this regard in this level when playing it (Y)

And again nice levels with good ideas :)

thanks! :)

On Mission Improbable; on discord you mentioned some way of adding a bonus to enforce the dropping lightening bolt solution; could you explain that?

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You could e.g. put some bonus flags on the small island separated my the river / the water tiles at the start, this way the block is needed to obtain them, which means, it isn't available to block the ball :cool:

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Another update!!! currently at version 3

currently 48 levels. changelog:

Swivel Tombs: made some areas optional

bonuses added on Mission Improbable

new levels added:

28: Tempest
32: Back on Track
33: Present Push
35: Ye Chip of Old
36: Thief
37: Melinda on Mullberry Street
38: Which Switch is Which?
39: Dingbat
40: Play Hooky
41: Hints and Allegations
42: To Each His Own
43: One Way Traffic
49: Quantum Leap*
50: Babylon Fading
51: Bumper Cars

*This level requires a good understanding of ghosts relationship with yellow teleports which is not intuitive. Refer to a pinned message in discord under general chat for a detail of how it works.

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