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J.B.'s CC1 Levelset Feedback Thread ("Walls of CCLP1" Complete!)

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A while back, in his designer diary notes for his penultimate CC1 set, Josh Lee had posted a number of comments about wanting to create a set based on the walls of CCLP1. Only a few levels were ultimately converted, but the idea stuck with me and came back to mind while playing through Jeffrey Bardon's recent Walls of CCLP4 set. Originally, I was considering making a CC1 set that was entirely based on walls from various levels among all the official CC1 sets, but Jeffrey's hard work proved that there was merit in sticking with one set and going for it, regardless of the difficulty involved in the conversions. On top of that, I hadn't regularly designed for CC1 in several years, so the idea of working from existing starting points was very appealing. I love the idea of designing for CC2, but jumping from no recent design experience to a completely new game felt a bit daunting. This has made the transition much more palatable.

At first, I considered the idea of releasing the set all at once at the end of its development, much like Jeffrey did with WOCCLP4. But as I began designing, I remembered playtesting Andrew Menzies' The Other 100 Tiles and giving feedback gradually throughout the course of its construction. I like the idea of iterative releases and continuous feedback over a lump sum release, so I've decided to release this set in about 30-level increments, with the levels in each batch placed after the previous one(s) and arranged among themselves in rough difficulty order. This first release is only 26 levels, but there are some tough ones here, so I'm hoping that the next major release, at 60 levels, will include a few easier challenges. The difficulty of the set will hopefully be moderate to hard.

Feedback is very much welcomed and encouraged! Please let me know what you think of the levels, what you'd like to see more or less of, and how the set can improve as time goes on.

Walls of CCLP1

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With Josh's Walls of CCLP3 tentatively set for an initial release at 40 levels, I decided to follow suit with my next release instead of waiting for 60. Version 0.3.0 is now released! What's new...

  • Added 14 new levels (placed as levels 2, 9, 10, 16, 19-21, 26, 28-31, 33, and 40).
  • Twilight Struggle: replaced ice in left room with fire, replaced ice skates with fire boots, and replaced fire boots with fire to prevent boosting bust in MS.
  • Salsa Verde: moved force floors in nail areas on the right to prevent creation of slide delay (at least through that section).
  • Rundown Railyard: removed a lot of unnecessary block-pushing and interdependencies outside the "trains" and made the second train a bit less strict.
  • Unsquare Dance: removed some of the thin walls to make some red key grabs a bit easier.


Walls of CCLP1

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I went ahead and sat down and played the first 10 levels of the newly up-to-date version of this set posted. Needless to say, they were a lot of fun! Here's some of my feedback on them. :)


1. I liked the teleporting bit at the end of the level, very good use of such a small space.

2. The open endedness of this level is enjoyable. I wasted one yellow key at the end and still managed to exit, but it might be worth throwing in another behind the socket?

3. I solved this with 12 seconds left lol but I liked this one. It's worth keeping :)

4. That random force floor is a little iffy with that walker there :P you can totally kill the teeth in the fire in MS, though I'm sure you were aware of this already

5. That block section <3

6. What an interesting puzzle! This one took me a few tries. Loved the clues to the entry points too!

7. In my opinion, this was more or less a more obvious implantation of Jeffrey's Enemy Without and I like it for that reason.

8. Fully solved this one (I never did when it was sent to me), and I really like it!

9. Outstanding level. It took the already good concept in Andrew's Conveyor Craze and just made it better, due to its size. This is one I'm hoping to see in CCLP5 someday.

10. Lol this level. I really don't know how I feel about it but it's not a bad level by any means. Though... that slide does get filled up quite a bit.

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I just downloaded the update after playing the first 18 levels in the old version. So far so good for a set that will hopefully be a full 149 set.

Here's my thoughts on the first 10 levels.

1. Interesting and somewhat complex first level.

2. Aesthetically pleasing and easy chip and boot collecting level.

3. Somewhat hard level well for me since I am not too good with teleport puzzles. Also, pretty hard to keep track.

4. Fun level with monster melee puzzles.

5. Awesome puzzles into one level.

6. Great level with a unique concept. Basically, somewhat of a monster swapper with chips.

7. Nice trap button puzzle but a little weird too. Took me several tries to get the tooth monster to the correct trap.

8. Interesting level.

9. Intuitive force floor block pushing level. I had to study where each path would lead to and the order. The suction boots at the start are very well appreciated, probably be crazy without them.

10. Somewhat hard level, close spaces with pink balls on slides could be problematic. Still interesting though.


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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I've added an update, 0.3.1, with some changes to help make some of the levels a bit less rigid.

  • Glitterglaze Glacier: increased time limit by 50 seconds.
  • Monster Recreation Center: switched walker out with glider and placed walker in 5x5 room, removing gliders.
  • Balls to the Wall: removed balls at cardinal direction points.
  • Three Boot Night: removed door "trap" at the end, added additional chip inside the lock nail area, and moved hint up to cloning area.
  • Block Buster 3 in 2D: replaced water in zigzag block room with bombs, removed one block and sockets from bottom area, and placed socket next to exit, allowing end area puzzle to be solved early.

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Here's part 2 (11-20)

11. Very well crafted key puzzle.

12. Cool level and the tight time limit makes it more interesting.

13. Cool looking maze, reminds me of Josh's "Zabriskie Point". Second level I've played so far that has this maze concept.

14. Awesome puzzles rolled into one fantastic level. That checker sokoban is legit.

15. Brilliant sokoban and twist on the "my friend' concept.

16. Wild level is wild. Better than the original level too.

17. This level has great puzzles which are a blast (no pun intended)

18. Cool force slide section level.

19. Simple level with somewhat of a brain teasing twist. I was stumped on how to get the fireball to blow up the bomb below the exit, I figured it out.

20. Extremely fun level to play. This is kind of like "elemental park" but in a twisted way.

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Here's part 3 (21-30)

21. Superb block pushing puzzle, glad that this level got revived. Funny television with water inside it.

22. Awesome blue level and the dodging keeps you on your toes. The walkers were somewhat annoying.

23. Brilliant puzzle got stuck on this quite a bit.

24. Nice concept for a maze but it can be a bit hypnotizing. Just have to be very very careful, kind of like a cleaner mess than Divide By Zero.

25. Great level and the ending puzzle is legit.

26. Not as chaotic as I thought it would be. At first, I thought the cloners would clone crazy like Jumping Swarm.

27. Appealing aesthetic and that sokoban with force floors was legit.

28. Interesting level. Despite title it isn't too hard.

29. Funny pun on sokoban and also an awesome puzzle.

30. I had to draw on a map of this level just like Short Circuit. Still a good square looking level.


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I've added one additional minor update that addresses a couple of issues:

  • Three Boot Night: decremented chip count by one and replaced last chip with green door.
  • Blade Mountain: added extra gravel tile in walker dodging "mountain" section.

Have fun!

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Here is my next set of feedback based on the next ten levels I've played tonight. :) in addition, the change to Balls to the Wall makes the level much better!

11. This one took me a few tries but cracking the puzzle was pretty satisfying. Loved the blue wall usage of course ;)

12. I was kind of expecting the red keys to be optional, to make for shortcuts but that was immediately blown out of the water upon playing. I think I personally would prefer that but I still liked this level a lot

13. Zabriskie Point 2.0 <3<3<3  aesthetics aside though, I absolutely loved this one. I did not expect to see something like this from you, all things considered!

14. Another pretty great level, I liked that sokoban a lot as well as that red button section

15. This level took me a little bit longer than I was expecting to solve... I initially wasn't a big fan of it and to be completely honest, I'm still not. Though that's not to say this is a bad level. Very good puzzle and concept for sure, perfect size and all, and I appreciate the fact it exists in general. But it just wasn't my personal taste

16. Another fantastic use of aesthetics! I was thrown off guard with the yellow locks, well played

17. That starting room is the best room, but the level was very fun. The red/yellow lock room with the surprisingly simple and I don't know if I should be glad it is or disappointed it is

18. Not my favorite level but it was still fun

19. Loved that ending. I remember you mentioned there being a path outside the level to the exit but was removed because it made the level longer? I don't remember the exact reason but I'm semi hoping you'll add that back in because this felt way too short personally

20. What a level! This was very impressive and fun in a lot of ways. I especially loved the elemental room with the chips and the ending room with the glider cloner. I think the hint being in that room is much better than where it initially was as well

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Good news - there's another new update! 0.3.3 includes...

  • Flotsam and Jetsam: replaced decoy tank button with random force floor to remove a needless red herring.
  • Block Buster 3 in 2D: reverted to previous version, with some water spaces replaced by bombs, to prevent a bust.

@Flareon350 - the section in Images of Giza that was removed was a bunch of disconnected rooms outside the pyramid where you carried a block back inside OVERSEA DELIVERY-style to fill in a water space that guarded the exit, where the hint now sits. I eventually took it out because it seemed to clash with the pyramid aesthetic and felt like needless extra work at the end, especially after all the dodging.

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Hey everyone! Walls of CCLP1 has been updated with 20 new levels, positioned as 41-60 and arranged among themselves in a bit of a difficulty curve. As always, feedback is always appreciated. Have fun playing!

Walls of CCLP1

Edit: Aaaand...just noticed a small error just two minutes after posting this in Down the Rabbit Hole. Should be fixed now.

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Here's more good news. I have finally solved Block Buster 3 in 2D. What a level!:D

Anyway, here's my feedback for levels 31-40

31. Very awesome level with great puzzles. The beginning stumped me though but in a good way.

32. Extremely brilliant clone maze type of puzzle. The chip to the left of the exit gave me the most trouble though. To me this is sort of like a mini and easy "Cloners Maze."

33. Fantastic aesthetic and sokoban level.

34. Pretty difficult but still a great level as a brain teaser. Key thing is that practice makes perfect and the lack of a specific order is a blessing. Hardest part was the walker room and that glider dirt was difficult as well. Still a very good level that should be placed very late in the set and as always a sense of accomplishment beating a hard level.

35. It's Josh's "Aurora Chocorealis" on fire. Still a very cool level.

36. Great challenge sokoban type of level. I was stuck on this one for a really long time, especially the sokoban on the very bottom and the teleport sokoban. I try my best not to use YASC for sokobans. Speaking of hard sokobans, this level would be a great candidate for the 143 slot in reference to "Same Game". Also, like level 34 there is freedom of which sokoban to tackle first which is appreciated.

37. Despite the hint reference, I didn't have too much trouble. Small fun level.

38. Very cool level, really liked it.

39. Very difficult dodging level. You really have to keep on your toes on this one, took me dozens of tries. The pink balls with the fireballs gave me the most trouble. I don't know if you want to nerf it but if not that's okay.

40. This is simply one heck of a level. Brain teasing puzzles everywhere especially that ice room with the pink ball cloners. Took me quite a while to tackle that one along with that water bridge puzzle at the end. Outstanding craft of a level too. I guess the level would've been really difficult if Chip had to go through small slide delay dodges but thankfully not an extensive use of it. Shout out to Miika for helping me with some sections. All in all, one heck of a level.



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Here's more feedback (41-50). Boy that sokoban in level 51 was one heck of a puzzle. I finally got it.:)

41. Blue and green levels look great together, along with blue walls and fire. The lower left puzzle was the most challenging.

42. Felt simple at first but required Chip sneaking past the toggle doors. Still a great level

43. Tree houses are awesome and that sokoban is legit.

44. Very fun and well crafted puzzle.

45. I liked that recessed surrounding the clone button mechanism. Fun level.

46. Somewhat hard level, just have to be good with pink ball directions. At first, I thought that this was going to be pure guesswork but it wasn't. Unique way to use pink balls that I've never seen before. Brilliant.

47. Fun monorail type of level with Jeffrey's "double time" concept.

48. Pretty simple chip collecting level with teeth chasing.

49. Really clever puzzle within a simple map environment. Said this before I like tough puzzles within a small area. Also, cool title (Prism Prison)

50. Easy blue maze on ice level. Good candidate for the 51 or 61 slot for the final draft.

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Here's feedback for levels 51-60. You Break It, You Buy It, FINALLY complete.:D

51. Man, that tiny sokoban was the puzzle that stood out. Small sokoban, HUGE trouble. In the end, everything else was relatively easy. Again, great job on creating a hard mini sokoban.

52. Cool level with a challening ending puzzle.

53. Really fun dodging level. Thankfully, not too chaotic.

54. Awesome design and awesome level.

55. I'd consider this a medium hard level. The recessed room and teeth room were a bit challenging. Thankfully, there is freedom of choice oh which to tackle first. I remember I was so close to the end and I accidentally boosted onto the teleport into a thief. Very dumb move on my part and took it slowly on the success attempt. Still a good level.

56. Very fun red key level. The lower left block puzzle is legit.

57. Said it before and I'll say it again, hard challenges in small spaces are great. That 4th red key was the real challenge, since I played this in MS, I am not sure if circling the bee in Lynx would be possible.

58. Somewhat easy level containing "Combinations" and "Secret Passages".

59. This level, THIS LEVEL was a major major brain teaser. That left room stumped me a LOT and took me a while to figure out. Based on the title I thought that you had to keep the monster patterns as is in order to keep the toggle presses in sync. Shout out to Jeffrey, for telling me that it was more of the toggle press intervals rather than the monster paths. I guess the title of the level really threw me off and that's what really messed with the mind. In the end, it was extremely satisfying to complete. :D This level along with Block Buster 3 in 2D is simply one heck of a level. Well done, J.B for turning a simple level into a tough challenge.

60. Very well crafted level with a bunch of legit sokoban puzzles.

These new 20 levels were really fun to play and keep up the good work! For now, WoCCLP1 complete (so far).


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Thanks so much for the feedback, mmoraleta!

After a bit of a hiatus, I've returned to level design last month and have added 20 new levels to WOCCLP1, along with some bust / issue fixes on three of the levels in the last batch. Enjoy playing - I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Walls of CCLP1

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Minor update: level 66 has been updated with a chip socket and new path to the exit to fix a bust.

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I am quite elated to see an update to this awesome set. :) Wow, it's been a long time. Anyway, this batch of levels were really fun to play and they featured lots of well crafted puzzles. Just completed level 80 and these levels were satisfying to solve.

Here's my thoughts on levels 61-70

61. Nice "mini challenges" type of level.

62. This is a fun level. I also think that the title's kind of funny. I also thought that this was gonna be a rush challenge at first since the hint kind of said "don't stay in the airlock too long." Turned out to be a nice and not too fast paced of a level.

63. I like this take to make a much more manageable "Force Field" level. Actually, this also felt a little bit of Jeffrey's "Fast Travel Temple". Entertaining level.

64. Yet another awesome "mini challenges" type of level that features trap buttons.

65. I find this level to have a medium difficulty.

66. Nice outside exit and fire aesthetic which featured decent dodging sections.

67. Really nice design and the invisible walls make the level even more interesting. That water and block puzzle on the top right was legit.

68. Considerably easy ice maze with chips and blue keys. I would increase the time limit tough since it can be a little strict.

69. Appealing aesthetic level from looking at it on the map. Featured legit puzzles too. The top glider section was somewhat difficult since its pretty easy to screw it up if you're not careful of which dirt tiles you clear. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the other puzzles and its a nice level.

70. Really nice Christmas themed level, even though its Halloween right now. I find this level much more entertaining than "Quincunx".

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Here's my next set of thoughts on this update


71. Considerably easy chip collecting level. At first I thought that this would just be an ordinary chip collecting maze but turned out to be something else which made it even more fun. More fun rather than just being a chip collecting maze, nice one.

72. Fantastic well crafted puzzle level. Several tricky puzzles in this one, like the ice skate thief section and the ball and fireball trap section. Really fun puzzle.

73. This level has some sort of "order of operations" kind of feeling. I'd say medium since there could be several ways to beat the level. I like it.

74. Easy block pushing level.

75. Very good blue themed level. That beginning with the teleports is legit as well as the block and blue key puzzle. I'd vote this for CCLP5 if that becomes a thing which hopefully will.

76. Pretty easy level with somewhat of a "chase race" feeling. In the beginning I thought that this was going to be a "time bomb" level hence "mysterious ticking noise" mixed with a time rush. It had a good rhythm and good game play as well.

77. Quite a unique concept for a glider and monster manipulation puzzle.

78. This level wasn't too difficult, thankfully the tricky sideswiping tooth part is at the start (hey that rhymed). On one of the attempts at the very end the chip at (19,7) screwed me over but it had a nice twist to the puzzle overall. Well put together level though.

79. I find this level just as good as Josh's "Greyland" but I gotta say that the recessed block dirt puzzle was more suited for this (walls of "Repair the Maze") It also felt a little more lenient too since there wasn't too much backtracking meaning that you didn't really need to keep track of which recessed walls you stepped on. Nevertheless, both levels stated are equally awesome.

80. Had really nice puzzles and that "trail master" mentioned on Discord wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The "map the path" for the fireball wasn't too hard either. It wasn't easier than it looked but it's more interesting to actually do the level rather than just breezing throughout the level like the original "Easier than it Looks". Great ending level for this update.

All in all, this update had a nice mix of well crafted puzzles and aesthetics. Hope to see more WoCCLP1 in the future. :)

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Thanks so much for the continued feedback, mmoraleta! I've updated Walls of CCLP1 with 20 new levels, most of which are fairly simple. Also included are bust fixes for Alien Frontiers and The Mysterious Ticking Noise.

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This is an amazing update to the set JB. Keep it up with the brain teasing puzzles and fun levels. :)

Thoughts on levels 81-90

81. Mostly simple chip collecting level, time is a little small and kind of easy to miss chips. Level isn't too big so both time and chips shouldn't be too much of a concern.

82. Kind of simple item swapper. Had that "Pop up Locks" feeling. Better than the original Juxtaposition

83. Equally good as Josh's "Cosmic Gold Hill" but this one is actually one colored gold. Both good levels.

84. LOTS of legit puzzles in this level. The block and thief was the one that stumped me the most. Amazing level.

85. Nice mod of Mini Pyramid with a challenging twist. Like the ice aesthetic too.

86. Nicely designed blob level.

87. Pretty cool level. Originally, I wasn't expecting the blocks in the teeth room to be movable. I was thinking those were blocks on traps.

88. Somewhat easy level. Nice block on water puzzle.

89. Great blue wall exploration type of level. Also appreciate the leniency of which the player decides to tackle first. That aforementioned sokoban in the NW room mentioned in Discord was much easier than I thought.

90. I really really appreciate the fact that this level has extra chips. I was sort of frustrated in the beginning since I thought all chips were required. This was a somewhat difficult level to me despite a simple chip collecting objective.

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Opinions of levels 91-100. This decade had a lot of legit puzzles and some unique concepts.

91. Cool variation of Josh's "Encrypted Malware".

92. Relatively simple key collecting level with paramecia.

93. Pretty simple chip collecting level mixed with a blue wall maze.

94. I felt that this is presents the ideal size for the "pushing blocks through a recessed wall maze".

95. This level had that "Frantic Frenzy" concept by Josh. Compared to his level I liked this one a little better. It has much more variety to it and both walkers and teeth were a little less annoying. However I kind of wish the nerve wracking parts like the walker on (21,21) and chip on (24,3) were a little earlier. Other than that it was a good level.

96. Plethora of great puzzles rolled into one.

97. Pretty unique concept that I've never seen before. This level is kind of an advanced pearl diving. Screwed up several times at first but that made me find a good strategy along the way, so trial and error is important.

98. This was a major satisfaction to solve. Personally, I am not a fan of "Map the Path" concepts but this one was a level that had me thinking quite a LOT. Characteristics of an amazing puzzle that is hard but brings satisfaction when you solve it.

99. Aesthetically nice straight line level mixed with an invisible wall maze.  Somewhat of a breather level after a couple of decently difficult ones.

100. Very, very well put together puzzle. The NE section of the level was the hardest and the most legit in my opinion. This is much better than the original Green Clear.

That's all the levels completed so far. :)  Hope to see more soon!

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Thanks for the comments, mmoraleta! I've updated a bunch of levels in WoCCLP1 with some improvements and changes - some small, some large:

  • Alien Frontiers: removed tanks from monster list in MS.
  • Conservatory Circuit: changed name to “Open Circuit.”
  • Rundown Railyard: added thieves to the end of second area.
  • Block Buster 3 in 2D: changed NW seven block-sokoban to four blocks.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: repositioned teleport and socket leading to exit.
  • Hamster Tube Cavern: removed one walker and repositioned two others.
  • Sewer or Later: repositioned fireball to move clockwise.
  • Chip! In! Spaaaace! - replaced appearing walls with traps.
  • Slick Slimy Slurpee: replaced stray gravel space in NW corner with wall from original layout.
  • Closed Circuit: changed time limit to 0, redesigned north half to promote non-linear approach.
  • A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: moved blue button behind yellow door, removed one chip, added red key to SE corner, locked NW corner behind new red door so additional keys can’t be taken in.

Walls of CCLP1

As always, enjoy playing!

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Walls of CCLP1 has been updated with ten new (mostly simple) levels! Enjoy playing, and as always, feedback is welcome. :)

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Wow, I wasn't expecting a surprise update that fast but woo hoo! :D As always, fun puzzly levels.

101. Square One - Pretty simple level and felt somewhat like Josh's "Keep Out of Reach of Children". I got to admit I was stumped by the ending puzzle but it was easier than it looked.

102. Igloo Intersection - Somewhat easy level, pretty easy to get lost though.

103. Diagon Alley - This was my least favorite level in the update. It has the "Map the Path" puzzle but I feel that the concept is more suitable for a smaller scale. Or, for a simple wall layout like the original. However the minor update recently kind of made the level easier by adding leniency.

104. Crosswalk Crossing - Simple chip collecting level with nice green aesthetics.

105. Color Wheel 2 : The Actual Wheel Part - Fantastic aesthetics. Equally good as Josh's "Technicolor Theatre". Both LOT better than the original Color Wheel.

106. Hazy Cosmic Jive - Kind of like a ice version of Josh's "Forced Circuit". Just gotta keep track of your bearings so you don't trap yourself. Medium level.

107. Dead Man's Switch - That beginning puzzle is so legit. Gotta say I was stumped on it for quite a while but satisfying to figure out and solve. Rest of the level wasn't too bad.

108. Same Mold Story - Not too fun but not too boring chip collecting level under blocks. It think it would be a little better if a little more gravel were added so some blobs wouldn't interfere with blobs in other rooms like the blob on (14,25) and (18,25).

109. Jet Black Incursion - Very fun collection of glider based puzzles . The bottom wasn't too annoying initially but I guess that it did take a little longer.

110. Chicanery - Super legit level especially that block and thief fireball section. I would vote this for CCLP5 someday.

As said before, very nice surprise update. :)

Most Favorite: Dead Man's Switch (107) and Color Wheel 2: The Actual Wheel Part (105)

Least Favorite: Diagon Alley (103)

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