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J.B.'s CC1 Levelset Feedback Thread ("Walls of CCLP1" Under Construction!)

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Trying to hold back on playing most of these :P but I played Hazy Cosmic Jive and it's a lot of fun!

I'm not sure if it was considered but I think it'd be neat if there were skates behind the sockets along with the exit and make the hint require the skates to read it. There seem to be plenty of extra recessed walls for this to be possible without trapping yourself from the exit but just a friendly suggestion nevertheless!

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Thanks for the suggestion, Josh! I actually thought of that as well, but I couldn't find a way to make it work without using barriers outside the pink ball-on-blue wall aesthetic or removing ice spaces entirely. If there's a way you can think of to make it happen with those conditions, feel free to let me know!

In the meantime, I've updated the set to version 0.8.0 with 10 new levels, as well as posted a minor change to Same Mold Story that takes mmoraleta's suggestion into account. Enjoy playing!

Walls of CCLP1

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Yet another quick release update, oh yes! :D Great batch of new levels!

111. Bumble Beginnings- Fun bee directory level.

112. Urban Ecology- Nice level that felt a little bit like "Civilization of Creatures". Also nice arbitrary blocks on top of gravel on the edges.

113. Floating Temples- Very legit twist on the "waterflies" concept. Somewhat simple chip collecting level.

114. Room of Requirement- Fantastic use and quite creative puzzle for the walls of "Teleport Trouble". The pink ball on the trap and the block on (21,14) stumped me the most.

115. Light the Fuse- Good item swapper rush type of level but to me it suffers from extensive backtracking. But, hey it adds on to the challenge.

116. Bento Box- Probably my most favorite level in this update. Really like that square design and that room on the very top left was cool. The fiery sokoban and the room with the thief under the block were the most challenging. This was mentioned on Discord that you weren't really planning on a medley level, which is still fine. But, in case you were the square design would've been ideal for a medley type level.

117. Flooded Neighbor's House- Very well put together block and water type of puzzle. Some parts kept screwing me up but for the most part it was puzzly.

118. Iron Sky- I appreciate the random tank dodging at the start. Just like how I've beaten Josh's "Club Penguin", tackle the random tank cloning section first. Also, the bomb section had a nice time crunch to it. I don't know how hard it plays in Lynx due to bomb delay and tanks not getting stuck but I guess I would be pretty much the same.

119. Reverse Valley- This was really fun to figure out. The first section is what I focused on the most, cause you have to be really careful on which trap buttons correspond to which tank. Personally, I liked the 2nd half a lot more since it was a little more forgiving. Like I said before about "Map the Path" puzzles, or in this case "In the Pink" they're easy to mess up on especially when they are in spacious settings. But all in all, very entertaining level.

120. Detonation Delineation- Extremely legit navigation puzzle, I would certainly vote for this in an official set one day.

Again, very awesome update and looking forward to see what you've got for the remainder of the set.

Most Favorite- Bento Box (116) and Detonation Delineation (120)

Least Favorite- Light the Fuse (115)

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