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Super Meat Boy Retraux Music Pack

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Mods: if this goes against some CCZone policy, snip the download link below ASAP - I don't know myself. It contains musical content which may infringe upon some sort of copyright law, since these are all rips from the two Super Meat Boy soundtracks.




A music pack containing some songs from Super Meat Boy, from both the DannyB and the Fifth Anniversary soundtracks. The songs that play in levels are retraux songs associated with certain chapters' glitch levels, plus an unused Chapter 6 retraux song by Ridiculon. The intro and "story" song is DannyB's Super Meat World/Teh Internets in-game theme, similarly retraux. The outro song is DannyB's Chapter 7 dark world menu theme, which is not retraux, but should provide a nice feeling of accomplishment.

Specifically, all songs under "dan" were made by DannyB. Songs under "rid" vary in artist: chapters 1, 4, 5, and 6 were by Ridiculon, while chapters 2 and 3 were by Scattle.

To install this, update to the latest version of CC2, then replace the "Win" folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Chip's Challenge 2\data\music with the "Win" folder contained inside of the 7z file, then switch the in-game music pack to To open 7z files you'll need 7-Zip.

Note: I have distributed the 11 in-game songs among 26 track slots, as to make this song-pack compatible with playcc2x.c2g (the default mappack). Since I could not distribute them evenly, four songs will play 1/26th more of the time than others. These are the songs that I personally think fit best for average CC2 levels.

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5 hours ago, Gavin said:

I'm having issues extracting them

"Extracting Win\dan_ch1retro.mp3     Unknown compression method"


Do you have the latest version of 7-zip? In Windows 10, at least, you should just be able to right click on it and choose this:


And you'll get the files all in C:\Users\[you]\Downloads\Win\

The files themselves are fine, must be an error with 7-zip trying to open the archive.

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I don't know how that works. Just use 7-Zip, it might handle compressing and decompressing .7z files in a way that hasn't been picked up by Winzip yet.

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