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Mega Level Pack?

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Alright, so you may or may not have heard of the longest levelset ever, known as Jacques.dat (986 levels to be exact). But what if there was something like a mega level pack that compiled all of the levels from all of the official level sets (CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4) and assembled them all by difficulty? Well, it turns out that the amount of levels would add up to 745. The thing is though, is that the length of that would make it short compared to a full 999 levels.


This brings me to my next question: Which levels/levelsets would you compile together (along with the 745 levels from official levelsets) to make it a full 999 level levelset?


For me, I would probably add the Walls of CCLP4, maybe a few CCZone award levels, and possibly ZK1. What about you guys? What would you add?

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As fun as it would be to see how a set like that would be ordered, I don't think it would be a good idea to actually do that, at least for an actual set, especially with CC1 because lol copyright. CCLP2 also has the issue of not being fully Lynx compatible unless CCLXP2 were used. Not to mention I highly doubt anyone would seriously play a set like this that's that long.

That being said, compiling a list for this would be fun. Just a set I don't think should happen.

But to answer your question, yes I would also include some from WoCCLP4, as well as a few of the newer additions of JoshL6, most of JoshL7 and UC6, some of ZK3 and 4, and some of the currently in progress WoCCLP1 and 3.

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