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ajmiam CC2 Levels (20 so far)

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Hello, Bit Busters!


I've been working on some CC2 levels for a while, and decided I'd show off what I've assembled so far (20 levels) to see what people think.  Several of these levels are based around exploring concepts with specific new design elements.  This will be the start of my first main CC2 custom level set, which will probably end up containing at least 50, and hopefully 100, total levels.

Some of these levels are brand-new, never-before-seen designs, and others are submissions for CC2 level design contests or ports of submissions for CC1 level design contests that I never put in any of my other sets.  The levels are sequenced in the order I built them, not by difficulty.

All of these levels are to be considered submitted for any and all CC2 community level packs we make in the future.

Please let me know what you think of the levels, which ones are easiest/hardest, and if you discover any busts or problems.  Happy Chipping!


EDIT: Jeffrey already found a bust in Casino Royale, so I'll work on fixing that and upload a new version, possibly tomorrow.

EDIT 2: Updated!  Now at Version 0.201.

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I just updated the download to fix a few problems that some Chipsters discovered upon release...

  • The hint in Feeling Green? said that blocks remove slime, which is true for dirt and ice blocks, but not "glass" (directional) blocks, which fall into it.  I reworded the hint to account for that exception.
  • CC2 Teeth monsters are a bit dumber than their CC1 brethren, and it is possible to slip past them horizontally in 2x2 areas.  A few areas in Chateau Crunch have been constrained so you can't skip steps this way.  Also, I messed up with the gray button and it was flipping the force floor southwest of it, which I didn't want, so now it's a pink button wired to the floors it's supposed to flip.
  • It should no longer be possible to cheat the house and empty the slot machines in Casino Royale by throwing 2 bowling balls in such a way that the 2 buttons are pressed at the same time, resulting in 3 force floor switches.

Thank you, Jeffrey and Ryan, for bringing up these issues and helping me fix them! (Y)

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excellent levels, as expected! (I really liked your first 2 CC1 packs a lot)

The early levels were good tutorials.

Nitroglycerin below 57; really fun maze.

Sticky Controls: an interesting one, tough and requires a good amount of planning.

Chateau Crunch: more clever teeth puzzles! I'm Currently stumped on the toggle door room on the right. (maybe really easy I'm just missing the obvious)

Double Stop: clever idea!

Gift of Giving: nice concept and multi-roomed level.

Fire Blossom: simple yet intricately designed!

Electric Feel; might this be a reference to the MGMT song?
anyways, great level and great use of the lightening bolt!


I look forward to more!

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I added a 21st level to the preview, named "Pushing the Boundaries".  The new version is in the download linked in the first post.

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