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chipster1059: since when is the eye a boot :sun:
ChiaraW: ya since when did you walk with your eyes
IHNN: (Also for consistency the RR sign would probably be a footwear thing)
Sharpeye: I hate it when I go outside and forget to put my railroad crossing sign over my socks
Sharpeye: Ruins my day
geodarth: With the special object can you pick up ghosts?
jbone: you show me an item that can pick up ghosts, I'll show you something to lift your spirits...

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Copy-pasting from Discord is broken as shite, but since this doesn't make sense without the reactions, here goes nothing:


[12:50 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}:

dont talk to the banned woman


[12:51 PM]Block N Roller:

excuse me

[12:51 PM]Block N Roller:

I thought I was the banned one


[12:51 PM]Evil Nutella:

Are women invalid tiles?


[12:51 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}:

nutella mommy is the banned one


[12:51 PM]Evil Nutella:

She's not even on the server

[12:52 PM]Evil Nutella:

But yes, I'd ban her too

[12:52 PM]Evil Nutella:

Also, Nutella mommy doesn't like nutella:WutFace:


[12:53 PM]Tyler Sontag {Ban Invalid Tile}:



[12:53 PM]Evil Nutella:

Good for me, I get to eat all the Nutella


[12:55 PM]Heymuti:

nutella mommy > nutella daddy

[12:55 PM]Heymuti:

i don't make the laws i just enforce them

[12:55 PM]Heymuti:


[12:55 PM]Heymuti:

i just realized i have another crush on a cop

[12:55 PM]Heymuti:

leftist cred destroyed


[12:58 PM]Evil Nutella:

Yes, Nutella mommy>Nutella daddy

[12:58 PM]Evil Nutella:

Just don't tell her I said that


[1:00 PM]Heymuti:

is there a nutella baby


[1:03 PM]Evil Nutella:

Not yet Because :underage:


[1:03 PM]Bouncycles:

Two of them are enough

[1:03 PM]Bouncycles:

We don't want more Nutella spread around the planet

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Moonman: why would you wear a dress?
Moonman: when you have to run?
ncrecc: don't worry she's wearing heels
Flareon350: that melinda sprite is legit
Flareon350: i would solve a level wearing a dress
ncrecc: in real life or in the game
Tyler Sontag: the game is real life
Flareon350: depends on how much i get for doing it in real life :KappaHD:

Tyler Sontag: Blobjail II: The Escape
chipster1059: EVEN MORE EVIL
Tyler Sontag: Blobjail III: The Police Track Them Down and They're Back in Jail Again

Kawaiiprincess360: yeah something I wondered about
Kawaiiprincess360: why is the bribe a bunch of gold, treasure  and wine? Wouldn't a dollar bill just be enough or are the thieves that greedy?

Allack: https://steamcommunity.com/app/262590/discussions/0/1642043267235628771/
Tyler: Four Plex being included? :thinking: It’s already a CC1 level
Allack: Didn't know Four Plex was a CC1 level

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Dave: Well if they did it to Dave the Barbarian they will do it to everything

Bubbleman: 15692822212413109065207308275819.jpg

Gliderbot: level.png

Jeffrey: Thinking quickly, Dave makes a level using some blocks, some buttons, and a level


Level hint: I love the way you hold me *squee*

Indy: that hint :WutFace:

chipster1059: A sleeping brain produces weird things :sun:


Craig: Remember when Rock was considered good enough for an LP?

ncrecc: “Vilbig had intended to only use the level as a test for fireballs on WebCC, but the level seemed good enough to include in an actual levelset.” literal test level making it into a cclp

chipster1059: Oh wait, you're talking about a level pack...For a moment I thought you were talking about Rock Généreux and his Let's Plays.

Josh: Me too rofl

Craig: Yep. That’s how good my test levels are. You should see my unreleased beta levels


Craig: Here's a question for the next Chuck Sommerville AMA: Is Cake Walk designed based on his marriage? Password is eerily similar to Jen (his wife's name) and it starts out in an aisle. Plus "Cake" could refer to a wedding cake, and "Walk" could be the walk down the aisle.

Joshua: maybe NIGHTMARE is designed based on his 1st marriage, or On The Rocks more likely

Tyler: what does SOCIALIST ACTION say about him? :thinking: is chuck a comrade

Joshua: given the negative light under which our Russian friend Vladimir Gerajkee was portrayed, I don't know if we can draw that conclusion

Tyler: is he canonically Russian though? Gerajkee is not a Russian last name nor a last name at all. it is the worst pun of all time

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