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October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3 & NEW MINI CREATE COMP

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Recently a lot of people have had their creative juices flowing and some sweet new levels have been released for both CC1 and CC2. To harness those juices, welcome to this competition!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a simpler version of a level in CCLP3. You can make a smaller version of a level you like, you can make a shorter version of a level you hate, you can make an easier version of a level that had you stumped. CCLP3 is full of cool puzzles, but put together they can be a bit much. Take a cool concept and make and share a version that is not necessarily so involved as the original.

I know these create competition themes can be a bit hit or miss at times, so let me explain what I'm looking for here. I don't have all the time in the world to judge a large competition, but I do enjoy doing something together as a community. Keep your submissions simple or elegant, that will make it easier for me to rank all the great entries you undoubtedly will create, and that will get you a long way. Your connection to the theme can be a bit loose if you aren't greatly inspired by it, but it is provided to give you some sort of inspiration, and to give me some sort of help in compiling the ranking. Most of all I like it when we can join together to create something fun to play.

Unfortunately, I am limiting the competition to CC1 levels (just to make my task a bit easier), but if you do make a CC2 level that fits the theme, please send it in, as I would love to see it even though I currently can't promise I'll rank it with the other submissions.

The deadline for this is November 11th where you live. Send your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com.


Technical notes:


-Do not make a overly difficult level. A moderate difficulty is fine but then it would be nice if it wasn't too long.
-The level must be solvable, but does not need to work in both MS and Lynx. You may even use invalid tiles if you wish. I will gladly see levels made for CC2, but am not sure how to best handle the ranking with them in the mix.
-The level should preferably be new, and it would be nice if you didn't release it before I do.
-You may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other. Your best two entries is recommended. You may also pair up and collaborate with someone else for your submission, but please only one level per such pairing.
-Points may be deducted for late entries, but will be accepted until I judge the levels. This is usually a couple of days after the stated deadline, but don't count on it; it exists more for the chance to update the levels if there is something really wrong with them.
-Entrants qualify for the normal (old!) prizes: the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants.
-Please ask about other unclear situations. You may also check the previous competitions if similar situations were already discussed. There's interesting stuff hiding in the archives!
-Email and attach your submissions to my email stated above. I will strive to reply with a confirmation that I have received your entry. I prefer if you use your username and this competition in the subject. Keep it short and simple, something like: "October Create - Luigi"

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Results time!!! ...almost :-)

Sometimes I get requests to see the levels as quickly as possible, so that's what we're doing today. I arranged the levels in order of which levels they are based off and uploaded them in the downloads here. You can try to guess who made what until I'll type out some results, maybe next week. I played all the levels and enjoyed so many of them. (Don't look at the levels in an editor before trying them. There's twenty of them, though we only had about seven participants.) I was very happy to have submissions from new participants too!

But wait, there's more! I was looking through CCLP3 and I still want to see more levels made into smaller versions. This past competition was about making a simpler version of a level, but let's start a Mini Create Competition that is similar but not quite:
Your task is to make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3. You can directly post screenshots of your creations here in the thread. (You can also send the levels directly to me on Discord, for example, so I don't have to recreate them from the pics.) As with most other mini competitions, this one is open for a week from posting this message.

I'd like to see versions of at least these levels:
 Blue Moon
 Blue Blocks
 Bustin' Out
 Lazy Hourglass
 Dolly Mixtures
 Flame Thrower
 Map the Path
 Mud and Water 
 Fireball Tourism
 Which One Next?
 Pac Man
 Red, Green and Blue
 Who's Left?
 Bug Arranging
 Everybody Get Dangerous
 Vague Dream + Recurring Dream

Open up your editors and let's make this happen! Be sure to also play the levels posted and give your opinions (for both competitions). Tell me what you think!


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Just for fun, guessing who made what levels from the package. Obviously I know what I entered, so let's add some misdirection...


1, 7, 9, 17, 20, 22: Miika. Block corner signatures.

3, 6: chipster1059

4: Jessi. Super ridiculously obviously Jessi.

5, 15, 16: Me. Okay I can't misdirect- 5 was the one that needed CC1 Boot Rules in CC2, 15 is why I looked at Color Wheel, and 16 is just... my style.

8, 21: RB3ProKeys. 21 has his hint format, and 8 has the same "combine ideas" motif.

10, 19: Indy!

18: geodave

2, 11, 12, 13, 14: ??? Probably RB3ProKeys, given 7 entrants and that's 7 people, but if Miika isn't counting his own levels (sneaky sneaky!) then these ones are a toss-up. Maybe dave made one?

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Well, this may not be a 9x9 level, but I'm quite proud of the end result for what it is, given that the source level is very difficult to put in such a small space as it is.


I feel like I rushed the levels I submitted for the create competition this month and I hope not to make the same mistake next time.

Also, those levels look amazing, Jeffrey (Y)

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Here's a few 9x9 levels I made tonight as compensation for not participating in the actual create.




Edit: here's two more because these are fun to make



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That Red, Green and Blue from Josh <3

The Investment and Flame Thrower are pretty cool too, and I like that Bug Arranging... especially because it looks fun to optimize. Most of these levels do honestly- let me add another 6 :P

It's interesting to see how different people have approached the same level, on both competitions. I'd definitely be interested in seeing what others come up with for these ones!

Blue Moon, Damp, Map the Path, Which One Next?, Pac Man, Wireframe, Who's Left?, Everybody Get Dangerous, and Vulcan are the levels Miika wanted to see that haven't been condensed fully yet- though the EGD is interesting in its own way. So, which one next?




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You guys are killing this! Remember to send me the files so I can compile them into one download for everyone :)

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Results... coming soon. Really.
I've uploaded the products of the mini create comp in a single set:

I'm glad you guys responded well to the concept, and even I got carried away a bit and made a bunch of levels.
There are some real gems in here that stand completely on their own as levels.

But you can still make more! I'd like to see 9x9 versions of at least these still made:

  • Toggle Bust
  • Map the Path
  • Everybody Get Dangerous
  • Vulcan
  • Road Block
  • Stress Fracture
  • We'll Be Right Back
  • Rotation
  • Mudpie
  • Diabolical

Of course anything else that inspires you is fine too. I enjoyed seeing the different versions different people made based on the same level, so don't be afraid to share your take on something that's already been made.

Do share what you think of the levels when you play them! :)

EDIT: forgot to add the preview for some of my own contrivances...

Edited by M11k4

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Anonymous - not ranked - (Sna Lad, Was Spa, Cvs, DnQ)
Though the name "Was Spa" is pretty neat, I hope this naming convention doesn't take catch on. But who made these and why are these ranked last...
I was going to make a joke about an entrant wanting to remain anonymous and I can't give you Chip Cup points as a result, but I think I've used similar jokes before. I made these levels myself. I was just embarrassed to admit I made so many. I guess I just liked the theme. :) (but let's not make it a habit to send in levels under false names)

M11k4 - 7th place - 5pts - (Mini Pearl Diving, Mini Checkers, Mini Game, Avalanche for Dummies)
Of these levels, I like Mini Checkers the most. You can see from these that I was aiming for something very simplistic when I was thinking of the theme. I'm still happy to have gotten so many quality levels from others even though they were not this simple, even though they were simpler than the originals. That's CCLP3 for you :)

ElaineSpencer - 6th place - 6pts - (Annoying Blob)
 This is a fun modification of the original level. It's also solvable in both rule sets without any luck required. However, I'm not sure how much simpler this is than the original. There's one fewer bomb than before, so I guess it's two thirds simpler. This would be a good fit for CCLP3 Blobs edition. I'm happy you joined in the fun though!

geodave - 5th place - 7pts - (Suspended Animé)
 This level certainly takes the concept from the original and makes it much simpler. Collect chips, boots and keys, then things start moving when you are heading to the exit. The layout is very straight-forward, which can be seen as either the lack of a puzzling task to accomplish or as a way to keep things easily digestible. 

Indyindeed - 4th place - 8pts - (Knockturn Alley, In Deepest Slumber)
 Two level names that relate to each other. A subconscious expression of a tired designer, or completely intentional play on words? The first is a cool combination being inspired by Maginot Line and the walls of Gate Keeper. I think the structure here has potential to be a fun task, but I personally would have simplified some parts to make the whole a bit more elegant. It's a very enjoyable level though. For the second one, again you built a mechanism from one level into the walls of another. I think this is a better tactic when both levels were well-loved, but here I'm not sure what the end result is. I didn't not enjoy playing this though, so I feel you have the makings of a good designer in you and just need some practice to let your ideas shine.

RB3ProKeys - 3rd place - 10pts - (After the Avalanche)
 I like this. Of course I like this, as Avalanche is my favorite level. But it's a hard concept to recreate correctly. Here you end up with seven rooms (so it's not too big), but you add the element of losing a some blocks on the way so there aren't always that many to move, plus rooms have more than one block in them anyway, so there is less rooms to get through as well. The design works fine, with a few things even sticking out as cool (like the ff stuff). This level leaves me wanting more, so you did something very right. 

chipster1059 - 2nd place - 12pts - (Toggle Box, Flame Mixture, Singapore)
 Toggle Box level could have been even smaller and better for it, which really shows that the original went too far. Having said that, I found the structure of this one to not be quite as interesting nor did it flow quite as well in the individual sections. I am left feeling I'd like to see an even simpler version of this level, yet I fine entry none the less.
 In Flame Mixture we have a mixture of Map the Path and Dolly Mixture, with a hint of Flame Thrower. On the surface this sounds like a good recipe, but does it leave a good taste? I think requiring all the chips is a mistake, as it leads to game play at the end of the level that does not feel like any of its inspirations. The size might be about right, but just a bit smaller and a few fewer monsters would also have been ok. I'd get rid of the hint as well. I think you cooked up a good cake that we just need to bake a bit more to allow all the flavors shine.
 I think you hit it out of the part with Singapore! It feels very much like Tool Box but is smaller without being trivial. The choices are cool and I can see myself enjoying this even when I need to play it again for the Time Trial :)

Ihavenoname248 - 1st place - 15pts - (Spiraling Out of Control, Qualification Circuit, Rainbow Refraction)
For Spiraling Out of Control, I like the twist on this concept, but man did win end up with a level that's still on the long side of things. Maybe I think that because my expectations for this competition were different than what some of these concepts required. I'm still happy this level exists, and it is a fine show case of how you know how to execute on a concept.
Qualification Circuit I enjoyed playing. You took the concept and made it your own. Though the level is smaller than Grand Prix, it's still very complicated. Is there any way you could simplify it a bit? Let's get rid of some of the teleport stuff, shall we? I see that they are inspired from the original, but they don't add anything good to this level. I do like the puzzles though; they flow smoothly and the use of space is efficient.
Rainbow Refraction level is everything I wanted from this competition! Thanks for creating it for me :) It is more complicated than I thought people would aim for, but everything is just as it should be. A very well deserved first place for just this level. I believe this seals the Chip Cup 2018 in your name, with a whooping four wins in the year! Congrats!

I haven't updated the set yet with the designer credits, but I'll get to that. I wouldn't mind if a few of the levels were still updated, perhaps incorporating some of the feedback. I just like these levels a lot and wouldn't mind seeing them honed a bit more :)

Thanks again to all participants! I'm sure we'll have more great competitions this year!
...like the January 2019 Time Trial, which will still be part of last year's Chip Cup apparently...


EDIT: also, for the mini create, everyone (that's Indyindeed, geodave, chipster1059, Flareon350, Ihavenoname248, M11k4) are awarded 5 Chip Cup points!

Edited by M11k4

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