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[WIP] SuperCC - A Chip's Challenge TASing emulator

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Hello Chipsters!
I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately and provide many useful features for routing and even casual playing.



  • Rewinding
  • Savestates
  • Frame-by-frame playing
  • TWS Playback
  • Continue recording from playback
  • Easy solution sharing
  • View the monster list, slip list, button connections and chip's move history as you play
  • Record gifs
  • Cheats
  • And much, much more to come!


  • Sliding blocks leaving traps onto sliding tiles cause slide delay when they shouldn't
  • TWS files may end a move early
  • TWS files with clicks may not play back correctly
  • Some unknown issues

Currently, 588/596 official levels play correctly. See all known issues.

Github repository

Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord. 

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