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January 2019 Time Trial

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We kick-off 2019 with a competition from 2018!

The levels are Singapore and Rainbow Refraction by chipster1059 and Ihavenoname248 respectively. You may have already seen them from the latest create comp, but I thought they were fun enough to use here too.

A few quick things to get you started:

  • Deadline for the competition is February 3rd where you live.
  • Please send your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com.
  • The competition is in Lynx mode, but you can send in MS solutions as well. (Share your Super CC route too for fun.)

At the end of the year we've usually announced when a competition is the last one in the current Chip Cup, but as we didn't do that last month, I feel we should still include this competition in last year's Chip Cup. Here's your last chance to improve your standings! (There are some changes coming to how these points will be handled in the future, so these will most likely also count for the new Chip Cup too.)

I'm not copy/pasting the rest of the technical details this time from previous competitions, so ask if you have any questions.



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