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February 2019 Create Competition - Walls of CC2

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In the beginning Chuck created the Chip's Challenge. Now the game has come to us in many forms and we've filled many empty levels with tiles. Then Chuck said "Let there be Chip's Challenge 2". Chuck saw that the game had fans, so it was eventually released to us on Steam. There was the newsgroup and there was CC Zone — the places for all your CC needs.

One of those needs is the need for a Walls of competition in February. This year it's time to explore the levels of CC2 through this lense. 
Your task is to pick a level from CC2 and use its arrangement of walls to create a new level. You can pick any level from the range #1-#200, then delete anything you want except for any walls, and finally rebuild it into a new level. If you wish, you can also pick another prominent tile in the level and replace it with some other tile exactly.

Not all the levels in the set are ideal candidates for this exercise, but with more levels than the other sets we've used, there should still be plenty of choices available for your ideas. I also realize that there are more types of walls in CC2 than there are in CC1, so you can use your own judgement on what to count as a wall. Random 8 is working on a template set for your convenience, so a large thank you in that direction!

Some basic notes:

  • Make a level or two for playing in CC2 from the walls of one of the levels in CC2.
  • Send in your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com.
  • The deadline for the competition is March 3rd where you live.
  • The entries will be judged by chipster1059. THANKS!

If you are so inspired, you can also make a CC1 level from the walls, but these levels might not be ranked in the competition.
If you have any questions, speak boldly!



Some technical notes:


-Do not make a overly difficult level. A moderate difficulty is fine but then it would be nice if it wasn't too long.
-The level must be solvable in CC2. You may use CC1 boot rules and other such options.
-The level should preferably be new.
-Please give the level a new name, time limit and set a new password. Don't forget!
-You may submit more than one entry, but please keep the levels distinct from each other. Your best two entries is recommended. You may also pair up and collaborate with someone else for your submission, but please only one level per such pairing.
-Points may be deducted for late entries, but will be accepted until the levels are judged. This is usually a couple of days after the stated deadline, but don't count on it; it exists more for the chance to update the levels if there is something really wrong with them.
-In theory, entrants qualify for prizes: the "You're Winner!"-award, Chip Cup points, and "Tool Box"-award for first time entrants.
-Email and attach your submissions to my email stated above. I will strive to reply with a confirmation that I have received your entry. I prefer if you use your username and this competition in the subject.
Keep it short and simple, something like: "February Create - Guybrush"

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Deciding which tiles to keep is such a headache, and i feel like these sets keep getting harder in that regard. This is probably the last one i'll do.

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