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Chipit or Whiffit (ajmiam's first CC2 set)

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My first CC2 levelset is here!  A 40-level installment called "Chipit or Whiffit"!

Check the download page here for more details:  



Feel free to leave any feedback in this thread, on the download page, or by pinging me (@ajm-i-am) in the Chip's Challenge Bit Busters Club Discord server.  Also, note that all 40 of these levels are being submitted for CCLP consideration, and all 40 of them have notes under the Comments box in CC2's editor, so check those out if you're curious.






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The file linked in the original post has now been updated for the following reasons:

1) The replay for "Tetromino Trek" was broken, so I rerecorded it and this one should work. 

2) I took Tyler's suggestion and added copies of Melinda to "Hamilton Rolls in his Grave" so that you can view the map as Chip is navigating the cells. (This will break your existing replays for this level, but my replay has been updated to solve this new version.)

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