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CC2LP1 Submissions CLOSED! Fixing Period Ends July 12

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Hello Chipsters,

The submissions period of CC2LP1 has ended and we've received 1406 submissions. Here is the status of all the levels:


Designers are allowed to update their submissions to fix replays, busts, or any other quality of life updates. If your levels replay is marked as unverified in that sheet, open your level, view the replay, then save the level. Also, you can attempt to submit the level as part of a Steam Workshop pack and CC2 will tell you if the level's replay is unverified. For Discord users, I hope to add a command where you can upload your level and Gliderbot give the verification status.

The staff will also be going through levels to check for busts. Those will be added to the above sheet.

The best way to send level updates is to use this uploader:
You can also send me levels through Discord (quiznos00#3068) or through CCZone, put the above link is preferable as the whole staff will immediately be able to see the changes. Do not send updates through this thread or through the public Discord as we need to monitor submissions more closely.

The period ends around July 12 on 11:59pm, but because there was confusion about the exact end time for the submissions period, we're using a countdown clock this time :cool:

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Another way to know if a replay is marked as verified: open the c2m in CCCreator (doesn't seem to work with c2g) and go to Level -> User Data -> C2M Solution. There, somewhere in the text you should see either "verified=true" or "verified=false".

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