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Part 3 of my feedback (41-60)

41. This level has a nice design at the beginning. The gameplay is a bit conventional but it is still okay to play.

42. Amazing level, the blocks on the ice slides look really cool. This level does a good job for practicing timing and that part where blocks clone behind Chip is really fun to watch.

43. I pressed the clone button, I am not playing the waiting game. By the time the blob gets to the clone button its already to late.

44. Reminds me of "Shrinking". I find this level to be equally as good as the original.

45. I don't like guesswork plus the time is really strict.

46. Like level 20, I also enjoyed this level.

47. Yet another tedious block pushing level. Just have to be careful on how you push blocks through the teleports.

48. Fun "push blocks wherever you want level".

49. This level kind of has a "Start from the End" type of feeling.

50. This sort of feels similar to Crunch Chase (30). Still satisfying seeing/hearing the gliders blow up the bombs.

51. Drowning the bees at the start was pretty satisfying and this level has many great puzzles into one level.

52. Easy fun item swapper level.

53. I really enjoyed this level and the concept. One of my favorites in the whole set.

54. Okay level, although it is not exactly too beginner friendly.

55. I'll say it again, I don't mind tedious levels. I didn't like that block that dealt with slide delay though, I screw it up several times. Everything else is okay though.

56. I got to admit the "spiral of monsters" is quite difficult. Well crafted timing challenge though. Didn't rage (BBQrage on this level).

57. This is definitely another strange maze. Easy though.

58. Quick and easy level indeed.

59. Somewhat difficult level. I kept dying on the walker section.

60. Yet another quick and easy level.

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Part 4 (61-80) A lot of great levels in the 70's

61. This level is a whole LOT better than the original "Rink". The block slide section with the bombs could've been a little earlier.

62. Interesting concept, I loved it.

63. Not necessarily simple, but a really nice chip puzzle.

64. This level is a LOT more interesting that the original memory and much better than "Skillful Memory".

65. Not a big fan too much. The beginning is easy to screw up on and this level feels linear and rigid. The circle concept looks nice though.

66. Despite the title, this doesn't have a recessed wall concept. Fun level though.

67. Really fun section by section level.

68. This one is in the middle for me. Tedious yes and a little nerve wracking. Interesting concept but a well reaction time is sort of required. Thank goodness the blocks are considerably spread apart meaning not too short. I remember watching "Quick Reflexes" from you BHLS1 LP and that had short block lengths. All in all, this is much easier.

69. Long, tedious and hard. Screwing up is not allowed.

70. Festive ice maze with a simple chip collecting concept. Also one of my favorites.

71. Also a festive simple water maze.

72. Brilliant puzzles, however the walker cloning bomb exploding section can be tricky. The extra blocks near the end are well appreciated.

73. Ah, the good old Nintendo DS. I wish that Chip's Challenge was released on the DS. Cool teeth section but the walkers are a bit annoying.

74. Blowing bombs are awesome. Easier if you know where the exit is. Took a bit of trial and error at the beginning.

75. Deadly tank is deadly. I was able to leave a row of recessed walls near the green lock row though. Walkers in this level are also annoying.

76. Creative traps are creative. Extremely fun level and one of my favorites

77. Creative concept I gotta say. One of my favorites as well.

78. Fun fire theme type level.

79. I find this level to be a twist on "Hunt" from the original game. Entertaining chip collecting level too.

80. This level is a bit too long, tedious, and nerve wracking. It has nice puzzles though but this unfortunately has that theme of doing something perfectly several times in a row without screwing up. I really did not like that block cloner that was controlled by the bee right after the tank section. Now, as far as I remember the final room with the paramecia cloner was changed and that is very well thanked for. It used to have a lot more bombs but this version thankfully only has two. I would've raged for sure if I screwed up on the final room. All in all, I consider this to be the most difficult and nerve wracking level in the set.

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Part 5 (81-100) mixed bag of hard and easy levels.

81. I'm sorry this is just a dumb concept, thankfully the level is small.

82. A little tedious but the thief has a nice role in the level.

83. I'm sorry, I just loathe guesswork.

84. Easy, simple, short level.

85. Fun puzzle beginning with some more block pushing. Extra blocks at the end are appreciated.

86. This level reminds me of "Frogs Vs. Blobs". Satisfying too with the frogs and gliders blowing up the bombs. I really had fun with this one.

87. Tedious block pushing level, the blobs are not too much of a pain here.

88. Really fun level. I prefer this version with the chips behind the toggle doors. Back when I was playing this level in JCCLP it had a pretty tricky walker room with a bee moving on ice. This version is a lot easier in my opinion.

89. This level is okay. Has a bit of guesswork though which I don't like.

90. This is my least favorite level of the "Guidance for..." series. There were some sections where a tooth monster wouldn't cooperate.

91. Somewhat difficult in my opinion. It's not too hard to screw up the level, that's if you don't keep track of which dirt tiles you clear.

92. Quick but somewhat difficult level. The blob section didn't make it easier; randomness and tight time limits are not a good mix.

93. Great level, seems like there is flexibility on which blocks go where. The ice section was also my favorite part of CCLP3's "Rotation".

94. This is one of the hardest levels in the set, mainly that glider nail section which is the central of the puzzles. Not too mention you have to cross it many many times. To me that just makes this level really difficult and nerve wracking. Tile World's timing system is a little inconsistent. I totally stink at moving nails and crossing it several times doesn't make anything easier.

95. Fantastic level, also the title of this level brings back childhood memories.

96. Quick level with medium difficulty.

97. Friendly bug is NOT friendly.

98. This level has a nice concept, probably be more helpful if the hint said which trap to start on.

99. Easy security maze chip collecting level.

100. I enjoyed this level quite a bit.

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Part 6 (101-120) I have to say that I had more fun with the triple digit levels than the two digit ones.

101. This level has an interesting block pushing concept with tanks at the start.

102. Despite the slide delay in MS, I don't really see a difference in difficulty. The block pushing part feels like a race to make it more interesting.

103. Interesting concept as a block pushing puzzle. Nice aesthetic idea.

104. Awesome aesthetic level with a nice simple boot maze.

105. Quick level is quick. Fun as well.

106. I had a lot of fun with the chip block racing concept. Bottom chip collecting section can be chaotic though.

107. Amazing level with pink balls. Seeing the pink balls (most of them) feel good drowning them in the end.

108. Interesting level. Creative tooth mechanism at the start too.

109. Tedious level but it has a unique layout.

110. Feels like "Pentagram". I'm 100% not sure if all the chips are obtainable in one run.

111. Okay level. Can be a bit confusing in some sections like the tank and trap button section. At first all the tanks had to push the button but that wasn't the case.

112. Pretty nervewracking level I gotta admit. Like level 80, this sort of has that "doing something perfect without screwing up consecutively". The tedium just adds to the difficulty.

113. Very easy and very cool level, I really liked this one.

114. Also a very fun level. I also really liked playing this level.

115. Block puzzles are brilliant. Yet another awesome level.

116. Enjoyed this level as well. That recessed wall section is well constructed and my favorite part of this level.

117. Simple short monster direction manipulating level.

118. Simple short level. The fake exits are not entirely stupid though. For the most part it is dumb.

119. This is an average level. I just had to keep track of which ice paths I have already slid blocks on so I don't screw myself by pushing a block where a bomb has already been blown up. Also, I feel that that thief shouldn't have been there, to me that thief is pretty unnecessary.

120. Interesting maze concept. Memory is key though since the time limit can be a little tight.


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Here's part 6 (121-140) The great levels still continue.

121. Even though I hate guesswork, this one is not too difficult with trial and error.

122. Not too bad of a blue level. Has that cool block cloner chase again.

123. Pretty easy and fun chip collecting level with teeth dodging.

124. Despite the title the walkers aren't too evil. It would surely be evil if there was a walker cloner though. It would've been "Jumping Swarm" again. Thankfully not too evil.

125. It has a unique concept of extracting blocks for a block pushing maze but the "guesswork" of which traps connects to which makes this a little less fun. I had to use the editor just too see the connections.

126. This level is an awesome block pushing level. It makes the player think on where to bridge next which contributes to the challenge.

127. Collecting chips are fun, but adding a nerve wracking fireball vortex at the end makes it a little less fun.

128. Great level. Feels like "Fireball Tourism".

129. Another great level, the key unlocking section at the end makes you think hard along with the other puzzles in the level.

130. I like how the chips are required to make chip collect them in a "Turn Turn Turn" like concept. Extra blocks as always are well appreciated.

131. Really fun and intuitive monster direction level. I was also able to spare the glider cloner right above the green lock. I gotta say this level has more than one way of completing it.

132. At first I thought that this was going to be a time crunch level based on the title. However, it does have puzzles which are very challenging. The ball section surrounded by the green locks gave me the most trouble.

133. Yet another awesome teeth monster direction level. Of all the "Guidance for" series, this one is my most favorite.

134. Just like Rink-Mish, this is another awesome CC1 level modification. This is a LOT better than the original Chipmine.

135. Pretty simple level. The bee section reminds me of "Metastable To Chaos". Plus the block clusters (stones) look cool.

136. Somewhat difficult level. The toggle doors toggle a little too fast plus the mandatory FF shifting to the inner layer makes this a little difficult. Nevertheless, cool joyride type of level.

137. Feels like, "Now You See It" all over again.

138. I hate lucky timing, therefore this level is pretty annoying. Sorry.

139. Somewhat to very difficult level. I kept screwing up on the  room where the gliders clone crazy.

140. Somewhat easy chip collecting maze. Just have to keep on your toes on the bug.



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Final thoughts (141-150)

141. Medium to somewhat hard chip collecting level. I really like the ball dodging section and the walkers make the chip collection more interesting as well. Great level

142. I appreciate the presence of extra blocks and this is a nice puzzle.

143. Again, I appreciate the extra chips in this level. I would be a challenge to collect every single chip but nevertheless awesome level.

144. This level is epic. It has a lot of difficult puzzles in it at the same time poses as an interesting challenge.

145. Special course is special. I felt that the joyride section could've been a little earlier plus the blob on ice can be a little annoying. Also, the key puzzle at the end was thankfully not too rigid. Personally, I am not too good with keeping track of how many keys I've used. CC2 did a great job showing how many keys you had in the inventory box. Nevertheless, moderate difficult level.

146. Pretty fun and cool level. Has great puzzles that require some thought into it.

147. This level has a fantastic sardine concept at the start. Plus lots of space to roam around one you get the flippers. To me I believe that this level is a bit too easy for the 147 slot. This level shouldv'e been a little earlier, I would consider either House of Pathex (69) or Block's, Bombs, and Bugs (80) to be in the 147 slot. It is still a good level, though level 147 generally means a super extremely difficult level (Force Field, Cloners Maze, etc.) Don't get me wrong sometimes it great to break the trend.

148. Insanity Island is not too insane meaning super frustration or some sort. This level along with all the levels in the 140's has many puzzles that require a great train of thought. Awesome puzzle level.

149. Like part 1 of this series, this level is also epic. Personally, I find this level to be a LOT harder but what is to expect to a penultimate level, right?

150. Again as I said before with breaking the trend, this level breaks the trend. Great ending level to a good set. :chipwin:

All in all, this is a fun set to play. It has numerous amounts of puzzles that require thinking and some unique concepts I've never seen before. As far as the gameplay was concerned there were plenty of annoying levels at the start but they got a whole lot better as the set progressed. Some of the levels that kept screwing me up were: A Simple Game of Pong (7), Skillful Memory (15), Buried Alive (21), and Exterminator's Club (32). By the time I finished level 80, that is when I considered the set to be getting better. Now, with the difficulty curve it was considerably decent. There were a lot of difficult levels at the start of the set along with some levels that should've been earlier or later in the set. Level 69 and level 80 would've been better off near the end or both level 117 and 118 are better off near the start, etc. In conclusion, the experience at the beginning was a little rough but got smoother as I went to the later levels. Therefore if I were to rate this set I would give it like a 3.7 to a 4 out of 5. Plenty of great levels but some were annoyingly frustrating. Still a great set to play though and your level designing has improved ever since then.:D

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This feedback was interesting to read. I appreciate the time you took to leave It, however, at the same time it's for a set I made 6-7 years ago :P

As mentioned in my current LP of this set, I designed all these levels in order and didn't bother to rearrange them. Going back to fix this issue would be pointless considering how old this is. 

Regardless, thanks for the feedback!

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