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ChipHomeIS is one of my four level sets and it is born (with my other three sets: ChipHomeLP1, ChipHomeMS and ChipHomeRejcets) when I decided to divide the 149 levels (now there are less since I deleted some in order to create better quality level sets) of NMPP.dat.

This level set contains the 15 insane levels I made for NMPP with harder areas and a great number of fixes.

This is my favourite set between the four and I'd like to keep it always updated with fixes (if necessary) and new levels just like ChipHomeLP1.


Here's a list of the levels with a few comments:

1-Chip Clone Machine: a very easy level, in which you have to chase and reach your own clone before it reaches the exit. It is based on a bug I had previously seen in TCCLPRejects' Parallel Demension (by quiznos00).

2-First in the List: this level is way harder than level 1 and introduces data reset and 32,y bug. Your main goal is to make the fireball in the main area push the blue button freeing the access to the yellow and red keys.

3-When a Thief is Needed: this levels takes the idea from a level by J.B. Lewis (JL1.dat and now also CCLP3) but it introduces a completely different layout and a data reset button.

4-Cloning Stations: this is the second and last level of this level set which is based on the 32,y bug. Just avoid the pink balls in order to proceed to further areas.

5-Just Some Bits: here come the insanity of the insanity! I actually do not know what happens but this level seems to be solvable only in certain situations and after you restarted it at least a few times. The strange situation you see in this level is caused by the instability of multiple multi tank bug which can really lead to unexpected situations!

6-Chip Desert: I created this level only to show a solvable not-busted level with the maximum number of Chips possible. It is very annoying and after solving it one time I assure you you won't come back to solve it again (by collecting 2045 Chips in one level you can easily lose your sanity)!

7-Delivery Ship: Since I spoke a lot about this level in the past I won't leave more comments here. It is a very challenging level strongly based on data reset and on the timing ability of the player.

8-The Right Tile: Using data reset you can make a tile (among the 29 possible - 3 of them are valid tiles) appear in 8,0 and change the way to solve the whole level.

9-Replacements II: Sequel to Evan Dummit's Replacements (inanity.dat) with more multi tank bug situations.

10-Moving Teleports: Having to deal with the most illogic glitch of MSCC in a logical way can be sometimes very frustrating. If you can solve this level you really know how the multiple tank glitch works (and in fact I've completely forgotten how to solve this level... I'm working on finding a new solution... :( )

11-In The Right Place: The title says it all. This level relies on data reset at specific coordinates. Not a hard level but also not an easy one!

12-Data Palace: Here's another multi tank level. The first part of the level (which is the only insane part) takes its idea from a level in a set Evan Dummit's sent me by e-mail.

The second part of the level does not require you to use any advance coding glitch.

13-Monsters Arena: This is a medium diffiiculty 'sane' level with some invalid tiles (i.e. tiles like 0xE7, 0xFE, Teeth - N (OR), Chip-N (AND) and so on) instead of the walls. Pay attention not to be confused by Overlay Buffers (index number 20).

14-Chased By... The Exit?: A rather funny level on the ice... in which Chip is chased by a weird exit tile! Will you be able to get the ice skates and catch the exit at the end of the level?

15-End of The Timeline: The last level of ChipHomeIS, heavily inspired by Tom P.'s Final Destination from which I took variuos ideas for a very brutal (and almost impossible) level (every idea has been revised and there's nothing just copied or edited, there are also some new ideas).

The hint says Be prepared to everything! and I think this summons up this level perfectly!

I think that if you can solve this level you're really a Chip's Challenge Master (I never managed to solve it).


I also want to thank a lot Evan Dummit (for sending me documents and explanations on data reset and multi tank glitch), Tom P. (for creating Final Destination), J.B. Lewis (for creating To Catch a Thief), quiznos00 (for creating Parallel Demension) and the whole Chip's Challenge community. Without you I won't have succedeed in creating an insane level set like this! Thanks! ;)


This level set can be found both at CCZone Donwload Archive and Yahoo Groups!


I'm also planning to create a series of AVI solutions for these 15 level and I won't give up till I'll have finished. I know there are challenging/hard levels (2,3,7,13), levels for which I have forgotten the solution (10) and levels which are... er... not so solvable (15) which can easily make me give up, but I think I can really do it (at least I should try).

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Unluckily these bugs haven't been emulated in Tile World yet, making all these levels (except levels 1, 6 and 13) playable only in MSCC.

However I hope one day a new version of TW2 with data reset support will come out.

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I've never heard of the moving exit tile -- that must be fun.


I did publish a level previously called "Out of my way, Chip!" which uses the "Chip Clone" bug. At least that bug is replicated in TW.

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I didn't know TW could replicate that bug... that's interesting...


The level with the moving exit tile is a large ice labirinth in which you are supposed to do nothing until you reach the ice skates. Then you have to chase the weird exit tile which is returning back to the starting position.

This tile is in fact interpreted by the game engine as a sliding monster generated by multi tank bug. It can actually be four different tiles:

-Exit if it slides west.

-Red lock if it slides east.

-Blue lock if it slides south.

-Force floor W if it slides north.

Surely having to catch this 'monster' while it's in the exit form is funny!

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