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Dark Citadel Levelset

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Yet another yet another teaser screenshot (and yet another double post because no one else is posting).


This is the first (and easiest) of a series of levels that pops up from time to time throughout the set. They are all *massive*, requiring the entire map and all are extremely hard.



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I played this set a year and a half ago and wrote some feedback, but for some odd reason I failed to post what I wrote. I found it now and thought I'd post it. Some of it is written in short form, almost as if making notes for myself, but I thought I'd post it anyway rather than leave it rotting on my own computer. (I'm adding the level names now for easier reading.) For some reason I can't find my tws file for this set, but I remember that I solved all but two levels (yes, even the unsolvable one after a small edit). This was a set I enjoyed very much and do hope you continue to update :)




#3 - Haunted Forest - I enjoyed this level very much and it was nice to have a real taste of what is to come in the set after a couple easier levels.


#7 - Termatha -  I like this, and it wasn't too bad with the right strategy. 
#9 - Cobwebs -  Invisible walls are not the best element to use, except when you have a clear idea of what to do with them, such as here. Thumbs up!
#14 - Dreadmist Forest -  I love the concept, but can't give a great review of it yet as I didn't solve it yet. I only tried two attempts and it seems to require some planning, so I'm saving it for a rainy day when I want to solve an interesting level.
#15 - The Forest At Night -  I love the effect of pushing the blocks on the stairs and seeing them blow up as you follow yourself. However, you still need to rework the mechanism to require this, as currently you can just send a few blocks and use a block and the fireball to clear the path to the exit, without the paramecium. Also in MS the green key is reachable.
#16 - Depths of the Forest -  Busted? I just lead the teeth to the bomb and used the block to get to the exit. I like the puzzle though, so it would be nice to save these levels with an update!
#19 - This (and some others, like the next level) is meant for someone playing without a map. However, your other levels are so complex nobody in their right mind is going to be doing that. Maybe if this was towards the start of the set someone still might be. 
#24 - Desolate Cliffs -  No chips required even though all are reachable. I like the tank route but would love it more if I could actually see it in action.
#26 - The Sigil of Earth -  I would rather see a broken level or unsolvable level than this. When is the real level being updated??
#27 - 'lose' not 'loose'
#30 - Teeth-o-ban -  a bit too easy. Just trapped all the teeth at the bottom. Not sure how this could be avoided. Maybe there are too many blocks available? But if you reduce the blocks, you should probably take away a few of the teeth.
#34 - The End of All Things -  Unfortunately the second half of the level is broken. First, the first teeth never exits its trap in MS. I don't understand why and I even tried some changes to the level that should have worked but didn't. However, the level is still solvable due to a bust: the fireball cloner at (25,17) works even when Chip activates it himself (the clone stays on the cloner until the teeth moves and then is freed to open the trap). The first part of the level is fun. I personally would like both sides more in separate levels, but I guess that is a matter of style. The way it is now, you are practically forcing the player to play the first half through numerous times as it's very unlikely someone would figure out what exactly is going on in the second half on their first attempt, which is a very nice puzzle.
#37 - Arc Flash -  A survival level turned into an actual level. Not bad at all.
#39 - No Good Can Come of This -  My life is fine without solving this one. Congrats to you for solving it yourself!
#40 - The Sigil of Ice -  Unsolvable with an easy fix. Missing trap and clone connections (which is ironic as the hint refers to them (and there are so few of them I think the hint is redundant)). Otherwise, I love this level! The puzzle is nice and elegant. As a juggler, I have considered trying to make some sort of that would feel a bit like juggling and the best concept I have come up with is similar to this (skates+blocks on ice). I haven't built anything yet, but I like this simple execution. You could add a time limit as failure forces a restart.
#41 - The Sigil of Death -  I had to think about this one for a bit before I got it. Nice design, but could be improved by some simplification. (Like the fireball stream could be one move slower, and I don't quite get why everything with the block cloning has to be so complicated.) There are two extra chips, though they all are kind of secondary in the level. :)
#42 - Bombs for Throwing at You - This was a fun mix of chip collecting tasks. Even though the hint says the waiting isn't long, I don't understand why the mechanism can't be running already when Chip gets there.
#43 - This Is Not A Game, This Is Shenanigans! -  I like challenging levels when I know what I am getting into, and in your set I knew what I was getting. Still, there is some point where I feel keeping it just a bit simpler would be more interesting and enjoyable. Taking that into account, the chaotic SE area would be more manageable and reasonable without the glider and fireball. Or just one ball per row. Or without the Teeth. As for the puzzle aspects, I would have liked to have seen a few more locks that needed to be opened before the end. (btw, I didn't get the green key, and used two of the blocks to block out the teeth and four pink balls.)
Overall I really felt this set was made for me. I didn't play it right away when you released it but saved it for when I wanted to challenge myself with something. I was not disappointed. Thanks for the fun! :)

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