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Granted. It has turned into a 15-page paper due tomorrow, so you no longer have a 10-page paper due next week.


I wish the Guess the Next Poster thread didn't get locked.

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Yeah me too.
Okay, granted, Corrupt-a-wish, Everyone is Administrator, and Hurt and Heal: Locations get locked instead.
(I originally typed licked instead of locked. :P )
I wish wishes were incorruptible.
46 days later: And that someone would post in this thread.
64 days: still waiting...
78 days: Oh, I thought of a better corruption: Instead of being locked, it's deleted completely, and everyone who posted in it is banned.
101 days: Wonder how long I can keep this up?
162 days: ...
365 days: Wow, a whole year.
459 days: I wish for all the violins to stop and for whirled peas.
490 days: I'm going crazy sitting here alone at the end of this thread! I'm gonna start spouting off trochees soon!
518 days: ...
537 days: ...
592 days: Dum-dum-deedle-dee-diddle-doo-dum
647 days: Y'know, it actually is kind of peaceful sitting here at the end of the thread, gazing out over the emptiness.
737 days: Over two years now.
790 days: Like sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking out over the ocean, watching the seagulls.
796 days: Though seagulls can be noisy.
1000 days: Ten hundred days. Been a long time.
1001 days: I'll be sitting here until I'm old.
1002 days: I'll be sitting here until Ragnarök.

1003 days: I'll be sitting here until the sun turns into a red giant and swallows up the earth.

1004 days: I'll be sitting here until the stars die and the universe goes dark.

1005 days: I'll be sitting here until the rock in the land of Svithjod has been worn away.

1024 days: Two to the tenth!

1045 days: It occurs to me that the fact that my wish for wishes to be incorruptible has never been corrupted could be taken as fulfillment of my wish.

1096 days: Three. Three years.

1136 days: I mean, think of it! My wish is the only one in this thread that hasn't been corrupted!


1167 days: (Poor odds.)

1285 days: Oh hey, it's been 1285 days!

1292 days: Not that there's anything particularly significant about that milestone.

1297 days: I just felt like mentioning it.

1303 days: And really, what's so special about any of these milestones anyway?

1310 days: 1000 is just a number whose prime factorization consists entirely of 2's and 5's.

1315 days: While 1024 consists entirely of 2's.

1318 days: The forum got updated and now all the lines after 1002 days are double-spaced. :huh:

1323 days: And 365 days is just when the Earth happens to be in approximately the same location relative to the sun as when I first posted.

1344 days: See, there's really no point to any of this.

1352 days: I'm just pointlessly editing an old forum post, just because I feel like it.

1358 days: All is vanity and grasping for the wind.

1461 days: Four orbits!
1740 days: Oh look, I can make lines single-spaced by pressing shift+enter rather than just enter.
1744 days: This is an important discovery which will go down in history as my great contribution to humanity's knowledge.
1753 days: Though it still doesn't explain why the lines were single-spaced before 1003 days.
1759 days: Now, I could go back and change all those lines to single-spaced.
1766 days: I'm not going to, though.
1779 days: I'll leave it the way it is for posterity.
1828 days: Five years.
1832 days: (And two days. Six now.)
1835 days: That's half a decade!
1845 days: It's a twentieth of a century!
1851 days: More than a fifth of my life so far!
1863 days: It's a long time.

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