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What is spam?

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To me, spam is something that does not add to the discussion. It can be an advertisement, or a short reply that doesn't really say much. Like even replying "Fantastic!" is essentially the same as voting the previous post up. Mainly I don't want to see a thread that I'm interested in get a new post, open it up, scroll to the end, and find out that there's really no new content there. Continually going off on tangents could also thus be seen as spam. In my mind this applies also in an "off topic forum" because each thread does have its own topic, even if the thread itself might not be on a topic directly related to the main reason the forum exists (in our case not related to Chip's Challenge).


Oddly enough, most of the posts in this thread I wouldn't classify as spam, since we're actually talking about spam so any examples you provide are actually on topic :)

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