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March 2012 Time Trial Results

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Ok guys, here are the results for the March 2012 Time Trial.


1st: jblewis (15 points)

299 and 227 = 526 seconds remaining

(Time: 2 minutes 4 seconds)


2nd: M11k4 (12 points)

297 and 227 = 524 seconds remaining

(Time: 2 minutes 6 seconds)


3rd: Markus (10 points)

297 and 226 = 523 seconds remaining

(Time: 2 minutes 7 seconds)


4th: paulgilb (8 points)

294 and 224 = 520 seconds remaining

(Time: 2 minutes 10 seconds)


5th: PB_Guy (7 points)

264 and 212 = 476 seconds remaining

(Time: 2 minutes 54 seconds)


6th: geodave (6 points)

187 and 204 = 391 seconds remaining

(Time: 4 minutes 19 seconds)


Congratulations J.B, you are our March 2012 Time Trial winner! (Y)


Winning TWS videos by jblewis now up on CC Zone's channel!





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Awesome! I don't think that was too bad for trying the levels out for the first time on the last day of submission...:)

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Good job JB! I knew my boosting wasn't perfect, but I didn't think of trying to take the chips in the teeth room before going into the fire room. I guess the excuse I tell myself is that when one thing isn't perfect, I wasn't bothered to perfect everything else either.


It would seem that pieguy deemed the levels too simple to compete with this time around, or that he actually has a life outside of CC :-)

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