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New Game Elements planned for CC3D release.

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From Facebook page.


The Chuck's Challenge team woke up Monday morning with big smiles on our faces. So we’ve decided to add a few extra Game Elements into Chuck’s Challenge 3D, that are not currently available in the iOS version of Chuck’s Challenge, as a special thank you:


Force Fields


* Blue – removes any key(s) Woop is carrying


* Green – removes any orb(s) Woop is carrying


* Red – traps any object that moves onto it


* Red Force Fields Push Button - releases any object trapped in the Red Force Fields


New Pet: Legs


* Red – turns left when walking into an object

* Green – turns right when walking into an object

* Blue – turns either left or right when walking into an object


New stationary pets that are plants [Names to be decided]:


* Plant Whip – grabs Woop if he’s 3 squares away in one direction


* Plant Whip Rotator – grabs Woop if he’s 3 squares away in one direction and rotates


* Plant Whip x 4 – grabs Woop if he’s 3 squares away in four directions


* Plant Spitter – shoot a glob of spit at Woop


* Plant Spitter Reflector – changes the direction of the plant spit


* Plant Spitter Button – makes the Plant Spitter spit


But that’s not all we are also going to add the feature that allows you to import level created in other games, such as open source Sokoban, so you can share them with friends online.

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