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ajmiam's "The Other 100 Tiles" 13-level preview and CCLP1 submission

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Just in time for CCLP1 voting, I have uploaded a 13-level sneak peek at my second levelset in development--The Other 100 Tiles. I submit all of these levels as candidates for CCLP1. If you run into any issues, or have comments/criticisms, please speak up!


NOTE: The final version of this set will probably not be out for quite a long time. I have only finished designing 1 other level in it, though I have many ideas for more.


Screenshots from the set:







A couple months or so ago there was a topic on what tile you would eliminate from the game. Someone jokingly suggested the floor...and thus a level idea was born!



Don't panic, all the blue walls are real, as the hint will tell you. Just hurry through the maze and grab all the chips!

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