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MikeL2 / MikeL2-fix

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Guess I might as well start a MikeL2/MikeL2-fix thread, even though the set's 10 years old now... :D


I did do an update to it today though, adding a buried trap under the block at 6,12 to prevent a new record that wasn't possible in the original version. It's a minor change, but I didn't think it would be fair to the original optimizers to let the record be broken after all these years based not on a new discovery but a change to the level itself...


The sets can be downloaded at my site: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/MikeL2

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MikeL2, MikeL2-fix, and MikeL3 have been updated with 3 new levels (plus "Stadium Seating" which was already released in MikeL3 has been added to MikeL2/MikeL2-fix).

#201 (Skelzink) - Kind of a Skelzie framework, plus some sliding, so Skelzie + Rink = Skelzink. :-)  Fun fact - I actually made this level after its "sequel" level 204, but when that one turned out much more difficult than I intended, I made this one as an "alternate" version.
#202 (Stadium Seating) - Previously released as MikeL3 #22; a storyline-based level where Chip goes to a concert.
#203 (Angry Chips) - Based on Angry Birds.  I know "Angry Monsters" would have technically been more accurate, but I thought Angry Chips sounded better.  :-)
#204 (Skelzink Overloaded) - And this is what happens when I take my typical rooms-style level and take two weeks to finish it instead of a day...  This ended up a lot crazier than I intended, and is probably going to be hated, but oh well, here it is...  ;-)

In MikeL3: Skelzink has replaced level 20 (Block N Roll II), Angry Chips has replaced level 33 (Button Blocker), and Skelzink Overloaded has replaced level 65 (Toggle Tactics II).  pie guy, would you be able to replace the old scores for these levels at your site?  Thanks!

MikeL2 and MikeL2-fix can be downloaded at my site: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/MikeL2
MikeL3 can be downloaded at CC Zone, pie guy's site, or the Yahoo group. 

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